Castro Drops Out of Presidential Race

That’s right, yet another minority has left the field.

The party of hating on old white people is that much closer to a group of nothing but.

I’m sure you can expect a range of excuses, but I think it’s clear what this means.

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Whiter and older in The Big Tent.

A minority doesnt have to be the nominee every election cycle in order to promote diversity and be consistent.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: how about a candidate at the convention?

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Never heard of him.

Looks like the democratic convention stage will be filled with old white guys. Bernie being one of them. So much for diversity. :joy:

A woman and a gay guy in the top 4.

In Congress:

Democratic women= 78
Republican women= 26

African American Democrats= 48
African American Republicans=3

Hispanic Democrats= 30
Hispanic Republicans= 13

Asian/Indian/Pacific Islander Democrats= 16
Asian/Indian/Pacific Islander Republicans= 0

Yeah- the Republicans are the “diverse” ones.


Liz Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobachar all say hello.

Women are not a minority in this country.

Are you counting Pocahontas as an Indian?

That high?

Julian Castro was running for president?

Please don’t discount Tulsi Gabbard.



Read what was in the original quote:

“Looks like the democratic convention stage will be filled with old white guys.”

Thus my answer of Warren (woman), Buttigieg (young), and Klobachar (woman).

Clearly the original quote is beyond false.

For what? She won’t be part of Trump*'s cabinet if he’s re-elected as Trump* only picks billionaires. Maybe she can replace Stephanie Grissom.

Special trade liaison to China for phase 2 of trade deal.

Let’s see if Xi Xi Peng can tell her NO.


Former rep presidential nominees Cruz and Rubio agree.

He didn’t drop out before he got the whole lot of candidates to raise their hands on decriminalizing illegal border crossings. :+1:

cruz and rubio both received millions of actual votes before dropping out.

castro got the boot before a single vote was cast. harris too.


Fine… let’s ask Piyush about it