Carter Page FISA Documents Are Released by Justice Department

This just broke, I have yet to read it or digest it…but enjoy!

So it appears the only part of the Steele dossier that was used in the FISA warrant application was relating to Page’s trip to Russia, which Page himself confirmed to Congress occurred.

There goes yet another talking point for the Trump defenders. Claiming that this warrant was based solely on the Steele dossier. Not even remotely close to being the case. Which is unsurprising.


good twitter thread on it by

LOL look at all that black.

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They totally hid the parts where Obama did all this is as revenge against an election that hadn’t been lost for another couple years, and to cover Hillary’s tracks.


forgot Soros

Devin Nunes looks even more retarded or corrupt as a result of this, your choice.


only if you think there are words and sentences and stuff under the black lines. everyone else its confirmation of deep state mustardiness

Visible portions showed that the F.B.I. in stark terms had told the intelligence court that Mr. Page “has established relationships with Russian government officials, including Russian intelligence officers”; that the bureau believed “the Russian government’s efforts are being coordinated with Page and perhaps other individuals associated with” Mr. Trump’s campaign; and that Mr. Page “has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government.”

Holy cow, and the Trump bootlickers are defending this guy?

Conspiracies everywhere! If only your imagination could be monetized.

just to make sure people do not miss this part

Funny how not one mentioning of Clinton connection to Russian intelligence…and money laundry through the Clinton foundation.

Has their been investigation into that? Has a FISA warrant been issued?

OMG I cannot stop laughing.



What’s the matter, where’s your defense of Carter Page? Or does it boil down to “look at all that black”?

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Maybe it’s that damn DEEP STATE, always trying to ruin things.

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What are they hiding?

If other text they release that was redacted and then finally we seen what was behind the redacting…you damn right they’re hiding something.

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damn you @NebraskaFootball always getting in the way

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Is that English? What are you going on about?

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Meh. This is child’s play.

You should have seen me back in the day with Pilate. Or what I did to the Czar and his ministers. Poor Anastasia. Boo Hoo.

Of course I had to navigate the blitzkrieg, which took much more finesse than this paltry effort.

Then there was the 100 year war. But really, what’s a decade or two amongst friends? And ultimately, Joan of Who? She wasn’t the greatest. She wasn’t a Trump, after all.

Ollie Stone maybe came closest, with regards to the heavy lifting I did with the Kennedy’s. But a poorly sourced docudrama about the Doors did that one in quite easily. Val Kilmer? Come on… :rofl:

Wait…is this not a PM? Shoot. How do I delete???


It’s too late.

The story’s been embedded in their psyches.

It’s highly likely the CEC will ignore this and focus on some other part of this story to enrage the base.

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