Caravan from Central America swells to 7,000, America is under siege

It’s a shame we don’t have LE resources such as border guards to stop people from coming here illegally, or advanced warning to get those resources in place.

Yep… they want work.

I honestly have no problem with people wanting to work.

It is a strange argument that we are seeing around this issue. The objections are usually that they are here to take our jobs and at the same time here for free government cheese.

It is hard for both of these things to be true.

Immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than people who are born here.

If I understand you correctly, then MS-13 and crime that could be prevented by being turned away at the border is not a concern you have?

Yes… all invading army come for the resources of the other country. Looks like we need to defend the border from an invading army. It’s no longer an ICE thing, it’s the military. Non-lethal of course…

Why is it hard for both to be true? Many take government assistance and work under the table for cash. After all, they are here illegally.

You also should consider the added burden they place on our medical and educational systems.

There are a lot more factors involved than people just wanting to work.

I’ve heard the anecdotes from the left. Prove it.

So, because you believe they commit crimes at a lower rate than people who are born here, it is acceptable for them to commit crimes that could have been prevented by them being turned back at the border?

Ms 13 is already here and not that huge of a threat. Do you have anything that’s actually interesting and not talking points that are boring?

It’s also foreigners meddling in out elections. That’s why it’s happening in October, obviously.

And look dems love it.

Gosh, do elected dems endorse MS13 as wholesome?.. I hope so…

Asking questions are not “talking points”. Yet it would appear you feel more threatened by questions than by more criminals entering our country, more MS-13 entering our country.

I guess as long as the crime doesn’t happen to you or anyone you know or care about it’s just a big shoulder shrug.

I find it simply amazing that people want these elements in our country and seem to care more about criminals than fellow Americans.

For the life of me, I simply cannot fathom the justification in that kind of belief.

No they don’t. The records are for reported crimes. Take, for example, rape… We know it is grossly under reported.

Then start throwing employers of illegal aliens in jail.

The minute that that starts we will see actual and real reform on this issue.

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They wouldn’t be fleeing their countries if they are looking to better their lives. They would hang the leaders of their countries who have destroyed their countries and plundered their treasury.



Aren’t you glad your ancestors didn’t think the same when they fled Europe for American…

I’ve never had an issue with that as a part of a solution.

But in the meantime, what are you going to do when they strain our law enforcement welfare, medical and educational systems?

Everyone wants a solution to this, but no one in Congress is doing a damn thing about it except playing to their bases which are so divided nothing can be accomplished.

How does that article prove that immigrants commit crime at a higher rate?

For a couple recent examples of victims of MS-13 see Reward Offered As Deadly MS-13 Gang Orders Long Island Cops Shot

Apr 20, 2018

”LONG ISLAND, NY — Law enforcement is on high alert — and has offered a hefty reward — after discovering “credible” information that the deadly MS-13 street gang has issued chilling orders for members to assassinate police officers on Long Island.

”The MS-13 gang has sent out a battle cry, stating it was time to "take back streets … and take out a cop."

MS-13 is a brutal street gang that has set up deadly cartels marked by indiscriminate killing in major cities and small towns across the United States — including an escalating stronghold on Long Island, where sleepy towns have been the scene of blood-soaked murders and machete violence.”

And then see how wide spread the gang [mostly from El Salvador] is in New Jersey. See: MS-13 Gang Threat In NJ: Here’s Where They’ve Been Found

Sep 5, 2018

”How big of a threat is the MS-13? You may be surprised to see where members of violent gang been found. They may be in your town – or a town near you. We have the list of 49 towns where they’ve been identified.”

”While the Trump administration has been criticized for drumming up the threat of the notorious gang, the State Police has taken the threat seriously. Indeed, the State Police say they are close to releasing a new report that shows how deep the threat really is in New Jersey.”

Why are you defending an invasion of our borders? Are you part of the Democrat Party Leadership’s propaganda division?