Caravan from Central America swells to 7,000, America is under siege

What it really is about are the devastating consequences of illegal immigration.

Consequences of illegal immigration

Let us take a look at the destructive social and economic consequences in just one county in California inflicted upon its citizens in 1995 when this massive invasion of our borders began to accelerate. CLICK HERE and scroll to page 93 for testimony given by JOAN ZINSER before the COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY, U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, DECEMBER 13, 1995

Good morning Chairman Smith and other honorable members of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims. I am Joan Zinser, Deputy Director of the San Diego County Department of Social Services. I direct the department’s Income Maintenance Bureau, which has responsibility for AFDC, Food Stamps and Medicaid eligibility determinations. I am here today to tell you about the effects of illegal immigration on the County’s assistance programs, and to present information regarding impacts on other county-funded services.

Impacts on San Diego County

In 1993, illegal aliens in San Diego County were estimated to be 7.9% of the population, or a total of almost 220,000 illegal aliens in a county with a population of slightly over 2 1/2 million. A 1993 Calffornia State Senate report estimated that the State, local governments - primarily the County - and schools incurred $304 million in costs to provide services to illegal aliens. These costs were offset by only $60 million in taxes generated by illegal aliens - leaving a net impact of $244 million.

Welfare Costs.

When a child is a US citizen, AFDC can be granted for the child but not the parent, if the parent is an undocumented immigrant. In 1992 there were 6,414 children born to undocumented immigrant parents in San Diego County hospitals. Each year, the illegal alien parents of nearly 2000 “citizen children” apply for and receive AFDC in San Diego County. The cumulative total of these “citizen child” cases continues to rise each year.

Public assistance is intended to support the citizen child, but is paid to the illegal alien parent and is, no doubt, used by the parent to support the entire family. Costs for providing AFDC to “citizen children” cases in San Diego totaled $37 million in 1993 for approximately 5430 AFDC cases.

Additional costs are incurred in Child Welfare Services. Combining costs for Out-of-Home and Family Maintenance services to families of illegal aliens results in an additional cost of $1.7 million.

Medicaid and Other Health-Related- Costs.

Medicaid services are an increasingly large portion of the costs involved in illegal immigration. In 1992, Medicaid paid for 6,414 births illegal alien mothers. Although studies have shown that illegal aliens use fewer Medicaid services than do the age-equivalent members of the general population, significant costs remain. Delivery costs are greater for babies with mothers lacking adequate prenatal care and many medical conditions are treated more cost-effectively in their early stages. Infectious diseases are also a major concern of the County. San Diego County has historically carried large costs because of illegal aliens with these problems. Costs associated with providing emergency and pregnancy related needs to illegal aliens are paid for under “restricted Medi-Cal benefits.” During the 1992 calendar year, an estimated $37 million was paid for “restricted Medi-Cal benefits.” Other costs, including uncompensated care in hospitals, community clinics, and other health services elevated the 1993 total costs to over $50 million.

Criminal justice.

A recent 90-day pilot project involved having INS Agents present in the county jails to interview those suspected of being an undocumented immigrant. Approximately 20% of the persons booked into the jails during that pilot were identified as being illegal aliens. With annual bookings of approximatel 105,000 persons a year, it is estimated that up to 21,000 were illegal aliens.

According to the San Diego County District Attorney, 8,521 felony crimes were committed by illegal aliens between 1987 and 1992. Illegal aliens commit an estimated 22% of felony crimes committed in the county. The number of misdemeanors committed during the same period in San Diego County by illegal aliens is estimated to be 17,000. In 1993, approximately 15. 1 % of the costs -accrued in dealing with crimes were spent on illegal aliens. Costs for illegal aliens to the legal system totaled $151 million in the County of San Diego for 1993.


Recently, a video of students crossing the border and getting on a school bus in San Diego County in order to receive free education was shown nationwide. Locally, we have worked to make sure that this situation does not recur, but education of the children of illegal aliens is also a significant CDSt. It is estimated that $60 million was spent in San Diego County in 1993 for education of illegal aliens.

And, more recently see:

Illegal aliens cost California billions


”Illegal immigration costs the taxpayers of California — which has the highest number of illegal aliens nationwide — $10.5 billion a year for education, health care and incarceration, according to a study released yesterday.”

Also see: Testimony about “51 Florida Hospitals in trouble” due to illegal aliens expenses:

Jun 10, 2008

”No need to editorialize. Here is a sampling of the sort of facts the politicians and pro-illegal lobby want you to ignore, yet expect you to continue to bear the burden of. Is it any wonder scores of hospitals in border states and elsewhere have shut down or closed their ER units!!!”

Then take a look at Texas Faces Rising Cost For Illegal Immigrant Care

Aug 19, 2010

Texas spent at least $250 million in the past year for medical care and imprisonment of illegal immigrants and other non-citizens.

And how about this: The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer

May 6, 2013

”In 2010, the average unlawful immigrant household received around $24,721 in government benefits and services while paying some $10,334 in taxes. This generated an average annual fiscal deficit (benefits received minus taxes paid) of around $14,387 per household. This cost had to be borne by U.S. taxpayers. Amnesty would provide unlawful households with access to over 80 means-tested welfare programs, Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare. The fiscal deficit for each household would soar.”

And how about the tens of thousands of criminal aliens released into our nation’s population? See: Judicial Watch: 165,900 Criminal Aliens into US Population Through April 2014

Mar 2015

”Nearly 166,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens were released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as of April, 2014. This is the analysis of 76 pages of DHS documents obtained by Judicial Watch via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The criminal illegal aliens include rapists, murderers and kidnappers.”

Now, the question is, do you support an America first immigration policy which is merit based and forbids “immigrants” from receiving government cheese for at least five years?


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.

Does this caravan have camels?

For a couple examples of victims of illegal immigration see Reward Offered As Deadly MS-13 Gang Orders Long Island Cops Shot

Apr 20, 2018

”LONG ISLAND, NY — Law enforcement is on high alert — and has offered a hefty reward — after discovering "credible" information that the deadly MS-13 street gang has issued chilling orders for members to assassinate police officers on Long Island.

”The MS-13 gang has sent out a battle cry, stating it was time to "take back streets … and take out a cop."

MS-13 is a brutal street gang that has set up deadly cartels marked by indiscriminate killing in major cities and small towns across the United States — including an escalating stronghold on Long Island, where sleepy towns have been the scene of blood-soaked murders and machete violence.”

And then see how wide spread the gang [mostly from El Salvador] is in New Jersey. See: MS-13 Gang Threat In NJ: Here’s Where They’ve Been Found

Sep 5, 2018

”How big of a threat is the MS-13? You may be surprised to see where members of violent gang been found. They may be in your town – or a town near you. We have the list of 49 towns where they’ve been identified.”

”While the Trump administration has been criticized for drumming up the threat of the notorious gang, the State Police has taken the threat seriously. Indeed, the State Police say they are close to releasing a new report that shows how deep the threat really is in New Jersey.”

I wonder how many MS-13 gang members are in the 6-7 thousand “Caravan” headed to our country from Central America. The sad truth is, the United States is under siege and our Democrat Party Leadership, wants to seize political power, open our border to this invasion, and turn the United States into the very kind of countries the “Caravan” is allegedly fleeing.

This organized “Caravan” may very well be a Trojan horse when one considers it is made up of mostly young male adults.


Not sure about the camels but middle easterners so camels are a distinct possibility… It’s a National Emergy…


So it’s not asylum they are after.

The criterion for asylum is:

  • A reasonable fear
  • Of future persecution
  • On account of
  • Race, religion, national origin, political opinion, or membership in a social group

I don’t read “seeking a better life” in the definition of asylum.

I can understand why anyone would seek a better life. We have a normal and legal immigration process that can help them. But it needs to be a two way street. What do they offer that this country needs that is worth the cost of their subsistence - which we will certainly pay as taxpayers - and the risk of bad people sneaking in with these seekers of a “better life”?

They want work, and are willing to use the asylum claim to get through our border. In all of the pictures I’ve seen of the groups of people, I’ve only spotted a couple of women or children. They are mostly men.

Olivin Castellanos, 58, a truck driver and mason from Villanueva, Honduras, said he took a raft across the river after Mexico blocked the bridge. “No one will stop us, only God,” he said. “We knocked down the door and we continue walking.” He wants to reach the US to work. “I can do this,” he said, pointing to the asphalt under his feet. “I’ve made highways.”

Juan Carlos Mercado, 20, from Santa Barbara, said corruption and a lack of jobs in Honduras had stymied him. “We just want to move ahead with our lives,” he said, adding that he would do any kind of work.

I really hate National Emergy’s. They’re the worst


Joe H. Republican. Hyperbole is thy middle name.


10 Charles

I think so, because when it was midnight at the oasis I heard one of them sent their came to bed.

How dare they look to better their lives! I wonder if the same things were said about Irish immigrants back in the day.

Mexico tried to process them.

From the same article I linked above:

On Saturday, many of those waiting to cross the border officially became impatient and circumvented the border gate by crossing the river on rafts, by swimming or by wading in full view of the hundreds of Mexican police at the blockade on the bridge. Some paid locals the equivalent of $1.25 to ferry them across the muddy waters. They were not detained on reaching the Mexican bank.

Do you have concern for American citizens who will be victims of the crimes they will commit? Enough to want them stopped at the border and not allowed entry into the United States?

Probably. Many European immigrants were not well received. Some were attacked and even lynched. But if the Irish and Greek (such as my grandfather) came legally and honestly, it is not the same thing as this hoard that is coming.

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They can make their own country a better place so they can have a better life.

Crime is gonna happen with these folks or not…that’s not a strong argument to me

When you say “these folks”, do you mean the victims of crime or the perpetrators of crime?

I mean the immigrants

That is countering an argument that no one here is making.

You are kind of switching gears away from the culture thing

As far as paying taxes, immigrants generally pay more into the system than they receive.

So there is that.