Capitalism vs Socialism - America's Choice


What does the Constitution say.

We can start with education, certainly mucked that all up.


You’ve argued (in other threads) that the government’s not to blame for a person’s lack of success. In a general sense, I agree. Whatever the structure, we all have the opportunity to better our lots.

Can’t the same be applied to education. Not saying there isn’t room for improvements (and lot’s of room at that) but why blame an education system for a bad education when obviously some people (those who take responsibility for themselves) get great educations from many of the same institutions.


How much involvement does the Federal Government have in primary education?


You raise a fair point. Those folks are few and far between and succeed in spite of the government, not because of it.

The government only addresses the lowest common denominator. The mediocre.

Plus it had it’s chance and failed.


He said on the internet.


Nah, I’ll just work to turn Texas blue. I got time.








Boondoggles I tell you. Obviously a ploy to suck up more taxes and control the population.




Yep. Who has control of the internet?


Good luck.


The internet exists thanks to government.


It’s not a matter of luck. Just demographics and time.


Nope sorry.


Sure it does. Who has control of it and has had since it took off?


Good luck.


People that are 30-35 and under weren’t around long enough to notice how things have changed in the workforce. If you were entering the workforce back in the mid 80s you didn’t need a trade or a college education to get a decent job. You’d be better off, but it wasn’t required. Those that worked at convenience stores, gas stations, and fast food dumps were all between 16-18. At 17 I worked for Pathmark making min. wage with restrictions. Once people hit 18-19 they got a real job.

At 19 I got a job at New Jersey Bell. By the late 80s I was making 22 dollars an hour. I didn’t get lucky, there were multiple opportunities. I left my job at UPS to go to New Jersey Bell.

Try entering the workforce now and see what happens. If I go to Walmart or Starbucks I see people in their mid 40s manning the registers. So with much fewer opportunities people will naturally turn to government for assistance.


The poison connected to socialism is, the most productive, hardworking wage earners across the country ___ some who may work two and three jobs to extricate themselves from poverty ___ are specifically targeted to fund socialist policies and are robbed of the bread they have earned, which in turn discourages them to be productive, and thus begins the Nation’s decline.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims to be an advocate of hard working people living in the Bronx. If that is so, why is she not advocating an end to the unconstitutional “Temporary Victory Tax” of 1943, which began federal confiscation of the bread which working people have earned by the sweat of their labor?