Capitalism vs Socialism - America's Choice


But the leftists in the US will be the nice guy socialists, sort of a more kind, generous and caring version of Chairman Mao.

The useful idiots in this country are buying into incremental socialism, and swooning over this idiotic Democratic-Socialism crap.

Socialism does not allow for the people to have a choice. Socialism is the government’s way, or you get punished. There will be no choice in doctors or medical plans in a Medicare for all scheme. There will be no choice if the Green New deal decides your property, your city is the new location for eminent domain to take your land to build a giant solar or wind farm.


Huh. No takers yet?

C’mon folks. Let’s hear it.

What’s your model country that illustrates the value of unfettered capitalism?


Yes, Venezuela and Cuba are the innovation capitals of the world…


Where was the CRISPR technology developed and who paid for it?


Just move to Sweden. Problem solved.


Bad idea.


And then what happened?


Rapid expansion of the White middle class.


Keep going.


Redlining and concentration of poor minorities into the cities.


Keep going. Maybe if you work backwards.


If you are going to try to place the entire blame of the 2008 kerfuffle on Freddie/Fanny… you will lose that debate.


Kerfuffle? Odd.

There isn’t going to be any debate. Lobbying. Voting blocks. Special interests. Vote buying.

Every single time.


Yes. Kerfuffle.

The rest of your post makes no sense to the discussion.


What’s yer model country?


Every thing the government touches turns to crap. Look at the education system. College debt. On and on and on.

And the propagandists thrive on it. The only reason they report that DC ■■■■ is so you’ll think it’s important and look at more of it.

Government is the problem, not the solution. Always.


This one. “Unfettered capitalism” is every bit as horrible an idea as socialism, communism or any other ism you can think of.

There has to be balance.


I am seeing a mixed message.


Check your premises. There is no balance and the central government is touching everything.


Which industry should have zero federal touching of things?