Capitalism vs Socialism - America's Choice


Read post #56 please, everything noted there I’ve researched, the Democrats do not want to model themselves after Sweden. Far from it. Everything Sweden has done in the economy is the exact opposition of government control, except in the area of health care where they have. Bernie Sanders is a socialist who wants full control of the economy by the government, and the incremental steps are just a path to get there. He has in the past lauded Cuba and the USSR before 1989, which is full blown socialism and has lauded in the past Venezuela, which is a govenrment which nationalized oil companies, which is full blown socialism, and led to people starving. Government control of the economy, mandates is socialism par excellence.


You really need to compare and contrast the ideas of social programs versus economic socialism. Then look and see which of those the Nordic model and democrat ideas fall into.


We should rename the parties… Reps are capitalist, dems are socialist. The history of socialism is poverty, slavery, and mass murder…


why would anyone want stability, prosperity, peace, and not to live in poverty?

It’s the coolest! You ain’t cool, unless you live in poverty! At least that’s what
the Democrat Politicians seem to be pushing on people. lol.


Except where it isn’t.


Capitalism and free enterprise … some distinctions

Capitalism is best described as the investment of capital to realize a profit and sometimes achieve economic goals.

Free enterprise and free markets is best described as people being left free to pursue economic interests as each sees fit and left free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations.

Capitalists have money working for them, while those involved in free enterprise work for their money.

Capitalism gave us Obama’s green energy investment swindle, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Enron, Bernard Madoff, our current student loan crisis and other capital investment schemes, while free enterprise gave us such things as the phone, the model T Ford, mass production, the mom and pop bakery, local plumber, carpenter, electrician and dentist.


Socialist democrats, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, running for office will promise food on the table, free public housing, health care for all, guaranteed income, free college tuition, and other niceties by taxing the so called rich; and if by chance they ever do get political power because of such promises made, their socialist iron-fisted dependency will enslave the very fools who elected them.


Even in Norway they have a lower standard of living and an aging population… Socialism kills your culture…


You’re joking, right? Norway has literally the highest quality of life on the planet.

Now we’re blaming and aging population on “socialism?” Socialism really is the catch-all boogeyman of the right.


Socialism makes people older?


That’s only if you use socialist criteria… They have a high cost of living and the poor pay high taxes.


Yes, because it convinces the people life is so hard you need to give up freedom to the govt and thus it kills religion and culture which make people happy.


That must be what is causing the aging of the American population.


yes, what the heck do you need children for? You got govt…


Socialism allows people to live longer.

Not a great argument you are making there.


We’ve already got too much socialism in the US what with social security and Medicare and VA health benefits and highways and police departments and fire and libraries and parks and water districts and whatnot.

So, the question for the capitalists is, if it’s so great, what is the model country for capitalism? Past or present?

Should be pretty easy to come up with just one example.


Wealthier countries have less children.

That is just a fact no matter what economic system that they operate under.


Heck. Don’t even go there. Go with Government guaranteed housing loans… that is the Socialism that built the white middle class in the 50’s and 60’s.

I would bet that you won’t find anyone who benefited from that complaining.


I’ll totally trade our tax policy for Sweden’s if we can trade our social policy for their’s.



No good food production allows people to live longer and so dose medical innovation. Innovation is stiffed by socialism…

The left once touted Greece, Italy, Spain and Argentina as their great hopes along with lily white and tiny population Scandinavia…


I still enjoy when people use the internet to claim that what they think is “Socialism” stifles innovation.