Capitalism vs Socialism - America's Choice


This country had much more Socialism back when it was “Great”

Socialism as defined by right wing libertarians which is basically anything that the government does and not the call for the means of production being controlled by the Proletariat


Nope! If Venezuela is socialist, then so are the Nordic countries.


Except for removing sit-in protestors, punishing “looters”, enforcing arbitration agreements, etc.


Nature built that.


Which instution enforces debt obligations?


Honestly I don’t know, I did it without debt.

Which institution enables it?


And we’d develop it if it wasn’t for the federal government.


Lend money to students and you’re enabling them.

Lend money to business and it’s investing.


Can you demonstrate why this matters?




That doesnt give much confidence.


You didn’t ask for confidence.


By all means please demonstrate.


Culture (libs confuse it with racism). When you a polity in which all parts are of the same kind, you have far greater harmony. People are more willing to accept burdens to supporting members of their own tribe.

In some cultures, stealing from the more wealthy is not seen as stealing at all. For example.

Everything is easier the closer to the same the culture is.


But not impossible.


Not exactly. Democracy requires compromise, things are harder to change in a homogenous culture. Taxing more wealthy people to pay for social services is not stealing and we have a lot more moneyed interest in our politics. Take the rampant prostitution politicians have to engage in and perhaps politicians wont be so beholden to only the wealthy.


My goodness, you do have a propensity to make bizarre and feckless assertions without a speck of evidence to substantiate such conclusions nor any explanation as to your thinking. :roll_eyes:


The Federal Reserve System of 1913 and the Sixteenth Amendment, also of 1913, have spread the evil tentacles of federal crony capitalism into almost every corner of our once free market, free enterprise system.


Yes, exactly. Democracy has nothing to do with it.


^^^^^How this reads ^^^^^^

Not making an argument just going to tell you that you are wrong using some big words I know.

******* Quotes from dead people that no one reads anyway*****

Okay… now back to the program.

The fact is that during the middle part of the 20th century, there was much more public will for government spending Into social programs.

That will has eroded away over the past few decades to the point that one can call Nixon our last liberal President.


Democracy has everything to do with it lol. Its how those policies are enacted.