Capital Gazette shooter identified-motivated by personal vendetta, not politics

Well, this is gonna disappoint a lot of libs.


You are both out of your minds. Again you all fall all over yourselves to make this about liberalism or conservatism. Apparently 5 people have died.


Libs will insist now that Mr Ramos is a white guy.

I don’t know them … nor any of the other 150,000 people who died today.

And there ya are. Trumps number 1 heartless supporter. If it doesn’t affect you personally it’s all fair game right?


do you ever ■■■■■■■ read the links?

there is a mugshot including all of his physical characteristics right in the article

That’s just par for the course. In the other thread one poster felt that this murder was justified because the media says mean things about people.

Wow! I’m certain all the rush to judgment crowd will apologize to the accused.

Let me know when that happens.

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Mr Ramos is white. I’ve tried to tell libs… Hispanics are majority white. But that kinda ruins their narrative.

A lot of connies too. Our host was blaming Maxine Waters this afternoon.

who said traffic accidents? You.

I wonder if our host and other republicans who blamed Maxine Waters will as well.

BTW… you won’t even remember their names tomorrow. Don’t pretend.

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And you’re all that matters?

They don’t have people who loved them?

Or that doesn’t matter as long as you didn’t know them?

Talk about heartless.

most if the 150,000 that died today has family. where are your tears for them?

Their loved ones will remember their names.

but you won’t. you really couldn’t care less who they actually are.

who was accused?
Milo: the dirt bag who called for specific violent actions against reporter
Trump: who keeps calling all of the media the enemy

why should we apologize?

they never shot the victims. what they are doing is increasing and stoking the flames

Mad Maxine approves of your message.