Can't wait til these kids yell racism when they get fired down the line

What could possibly go wrong . . . . .

Under the district’s new system, non-academic factors like late work and classroom behavior will not be counted toward their overall academic grade.

New round of NO accountability coming because its "racist to count disruptive behavior, late work and other things won’t count toward grades.

Just think when they get into the real world and are a disruptive employee and get fired. Or constantly late for work and get fired. Or don’t do the work they are assigned in a timely manor and get fired.

Can’t wait until it becomes “racists” to hold employee’s accountible for their work ethic.


The people in the United States are just getting dumber and dumber and people wonder why. Amazing isn’t it.


Good move.

“manner” :wink:

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So how will it translate to the work environment? Will it soon be racists to fire disruptive employee’s or employee’s who don’t do their work? How is it a good move for these kids in the future?

I’m just dying to see how you rationalize that, “racist to count disruptive behavior, late work and other things won’t count toward grades.” is tied to racism.

I’m trying to type left handed due to a broken arm – I’m a righty . . . . this really, really sucks.

And how…

Dude…what happened. You ok?

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Damn…thats a shame. I hope you heal up well. Those things are dangerous, but they look fun as hell!

Is it a racial characteristic to have bad behavior and ignore due dates?

Of what race?

Yes they are, and fun beyond belief.

Let’s go to the source

“Experts, teachers and students have said that including non-academic factors into grades and not giving students second chances to learn or make progress can contribute to unfair disparities in grades.

For example, a student may have struggles related to home or other responsibilities that impact their ability to turn in work on time or learn content before a test. Common grading practices such as averaging a student’s grade over time can disadvantage students who started the year behind grade level and can discredit the progress a student has made, experts have said.”

They are simply not using non academic factors to influence academic results

It doesn’t mean bad kids can’t get in trouble anymore.

I can say unequivocally as a former educator that it has nothing to do with race. More ■■■■■■■■ from the left. Kids that don’t turn in school work and have bad behavior don’t care about school or what they are learning.

Doesn’t answer my question. Would you like me to repeat it?

Students who are disruptive by and large don’t care to learn the material. Disruptive students also need to be removed from class, which logically impedes learning. So what are they going to do with disruptive students, leave them in the class so nobody can learn?

I linked you to the source. They gave their reasons. I agree with them.


Those aspects of student behavior will be judged in a separate citizenship grade.

Mmmmmm. Sounds very … Chicom…