Candice Owens...The complete indictment of the democrat party

Most of us saw Candice Owens make Nadler and Lieu look like fools, but that’s not near as devastating as her opening statement to congress where she goes over the history of black exploitation by the dem party. From Jim Crow to fatherless children to abortion rates higher than birth rates in some area, and much more…

Candace Owens Opening Statement At U.S. House Hearing

What a waste of time, nothing can be learned form her.


Are you willing post Lieu’s response and her inability to counter… or just stand with the statement she wrote… or, who knows, maybe Bill Ayres wrote it for her?

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But she owned the libs. Trump should replace Pence with her for 2020.

and she was owned 10 second after this video end by one of the Congressman, but we need to ignore that part.

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Keep alienating everyone else with supporting these types of individuals, OP. It worked out great for the Republicans in the last election, I’m sure it’ll work even better in 2020.

Lemme guess: all black people are republicans now!

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We all know Lieu trying to make a black woman a National socialist for loving American freedom and prosperity is silly. She roasted him, and her opening statement roasted the entire democrat party history. She’s brilliant… I hope she runs for the senate…

Not yet…

Never will. Unless Republicans stop demonizing minorities and actually go into the inner cities to make their case.

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She literally denies the existence of the Southern Strategy. That you should be well aware of that, yet call her “brilliant”, speaks volumes…

There is an entire black conservative movement that is doing just that…

Must be all those walkaways that were going to swing the 2018 election

and the Republican black turn out will go from 5% to 6%.

The effect that hurt Al gore and Hillary was not so mich they voted republican, but that they didn’t go to the polls…

But I think that will change. I bet the reps hit 10%. That would be enough to devastate the dems.

Every appearance Owens makes is an indictment of the American conservative movement.

You people couldn’t spot a huckster if your lives depended on it.


Yea, Blexit is going great. Same as #walkaway.

Owens is making bank.

But how does it compare to Jexudos?

Cons just don’t get it

Exhibit A

Laura Ingram was laughing at Rapper Nipsey Hussle, who died over a week ago. Nipsey has been a serious advocate for the black community. He put his money in rebuilding his old neighborhood. He uplifted his people.

But instead of congratulating him on injecting money into the community. He is ridiculed because he didn’t like Trump.

This is what they need to change before black people will even BEGIN to take the Republicans seriously


Yeah, I heard it’s up to 23 people now. Some movement.