#CancelWhitePeople - The failing and racist New York Times stands by hateful bigot writer Sarah Jeong

Up with -Cortez! In the end you gotta wake up with her. Not me. Haw! Dems are doomed. Rant on chillerns. Rant on.

There is a way out. I couldn’t leave you hanging. Rush. Hannity. Dobbs. Listen carefully for just six short weeks and you may see a way out.

Listen to them for a week and I’ll take the Kervorkian way out!

No thanks.

Aw go on! Reading what you wrote it looks like it’s a win-win fer me either way! Do it! Lose that silly kitty hat and put on your trumphat… Jes don’t go out in public with it kez some rascally lefty will knock you in the head.

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Touche! I concede defeat!