#CancelWhitePeople - The failing and racist New York Times stands by hateful bigot writer Sarah Jeong


The failing New York Times is now the failing and racist New York Times. :angry::angry::angry:

They are standing by one of their writers who has a disgusting history of anti-white racism and bigotry online. Her disgusting tweets have called for white people to be canceled and celebrated the prospect of white extinction. She’s said she takes pleasure at being cruel to elderly whites. She’s said that white people are only fit to work underground.

The New York Times have shown their true colors by not only refusing to fire her, but by justifying her racist rhetoric. Imagine if Fox News stood by an anchor who called for black extinction and said that blacks were only genetically worthy to live underground like goblins?

This is pure hated and bigotry, being supported by an so-called journalistic organizer. Open your eyes.

The left and the mainstream media are hateful and bigoted.

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I don’t think you have any idea how much hate non-whites on Twitter receive from right-wing trolls.

and conservatives stood by Glenn Beck when he called Obama a racist

The backlash will be hell.

You never know what those wild and crazy white people are gonna do.

Democrats has been calling everyone on the right racist, for as long as I can remember. I doubt anyone would have stood by Glenn Beck if he had called for the extinction of the black race.

Don’t get me wrong I agree calling someone racist is bad and gets tossed around way to often which suppresses the meaning of the worD. But calling for an extinction of an entire race is getting into storm front territory, a fringe lunatic group.


How exactly is that an excuse for her own openly hateful racist rhetoric?

Aside from Donald’s rhetoric, what makes you think the New York Times is failing?

Just read some of the comments on TMZ, YouTube, or Yahoo, and you’ll wonder why there aren’t more outbursts like hers.

Let me repeat since you failed to answer.

How exactly is that an excuse for her own openly hateful racist rhetoric?

She is just acting in the same manner as the President, can’t handle the insult get thinker skin.

The president has never said or tweeted anything remotely close to what this woman has.

depends on who you ask.

I’m sticking to the factual world.

outrage is a personal thing you speak for no one other then yourself, but keep being a snowflake because of what a mean person said on the internet.

It doesn’t excuse her behavior. But you and I have no idea what it’s like to truly deal with online racism.

Snowflake? If I said any of the same things she did and directed them at any other race I would be properly vilified to hell and back.

All of those statements were made off the cuff by her, they weren’t even in response to racist comments made towards her.

There’s no question her statements were absolutely hate filled racist attacks on white people.

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See the above.

I don’t find anything she said offense, I find them poor jokes.
Racism is cool now Trump has lowed the standard.

You run with that.

we need to have another white civil right rally, maybe this time with less murdering an innocent young woman,