#CancelWhitePeople - The failing and racist New York Times stands by hateful bigot writer Sarah Jeong

White Nationalism is super cool with kid these days.

Yes and White Citizens Councils.

We all must stand by our decisions and live with the consequences of them. The NYT just made one and now they’ll have to live with the consequences. Let their customers decide their fate with their money.

Just another reason to never read the extreme, far-left NY Times. Don’t feel like being lectured by all the liberal hacks on their editorial board every day.

You do realize that thee majority of facebook leans liberal correct? Didn’t zuckerbergs stock go way down recently, and he lost a bunch of money, because he got caught being biased politically or something? Or was it just his stock in general plumiting?

where have i heard that before?

The amazing thing is that the Times is defending Jeong. Their logic appears to be that the Jeong’s tweets were merely venting frustration after she has received nasty and/or racist tweets. That excuse is racist on multiple levels. First, I doubt there is any real evidence of the race of the people who are allegedly harassing her; the assumption that they are all white reflects at least subconscious racism.

Second, Jeong’s response is directed toward everyone of a particular race. That is a racist response as well.

Third, the Times is clearly both hypocritical and racist in that it would never tolerate anything close to this level of racial hatred directed toward non-whites regardless of the alleged extenuating circumstances.

On the other hand, maybe I am wrong. Is there a place for Rosanne on the Times board as well since racist tweets are no longer a big deal?

Ok direct me to the post Trump called for the extinction of black people or a post where he says black people smell. You can’t it don’t exist, all the left has is that opening speech where he says some people that come across the border from Mexico are rapists.

It’s not the same, no equivalence.

White guilt is super popular in small enclaves among the left in the west, not so much in any other place in the world.

Because in the back of their heads only whites can be racists. I’ll quote from another far left news site splinter news.

“Making jokes about white people isn’t the same as making racist jokes about black people, or Asian people, or Jews, or gay people, or any other historically oppressed minority.”

These people clearly haven’t traveled outside the west. The most racist place you can go is Asian countries, China, India, Japan.

There is certainly a lot of mutual distrust between people from different countries within Asia, some of it is similar to racism.

The Korean minority in Japan is an example. I remember a story from coworker who had been stationed in Japan in the 1960s. A GI was driving an army truck when a taxi driver darted in front of him, and the resulting accident killed the taxi driver. An anxious crowd of Japanese grew around the accident, but then someone got the wallet out for the taxi driver and the ID showed he was Korean. The mood of the crowd instantly changed, and the GI was told that the accident was of no consequence and he could head out.

I think it is only in recent years the descendants of Koreans born in Japan are even recognized as citizens. For decades before that they were treated as foreigners even if they had been in Japan for several generations.

Our failing as white people who are the lowest minority on the social pole these days is that we don’t get outraged enough when someone of a different ethnicity yells. “Hey white person nyuk nyuk nyuk!”

Is fact! Sigh. Even NINO (News In Name Only) fake newsers are recognized as a more oppressed minority these days and they get mad real quick. Go view this GREAT arkle by a well recognized well tanned white person.

In the era of whiteness studies and rants about the evils of white privilege, many people are trying to claim to be non-white no matter how tenuous link.

Elisabeth Warren is hardly alone, I know people who claim American Indian heritage, based on distant questionable ancestry. The DNA tests come back with zero to a few percent American Indian depending on the company, which means that they are at least 95% European ancestry, but they are now 100% American Indian. The old one-drop rule is alive and well, but now it is used to get claim benefits of being non-white.

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Failing New York Times?

The New York Times Company added 139,000 digital-only subscribers in the first quarter of 2018, a 25.5 percent increase from the same period a year ago, helping to fuel total revenue growth and offset a decline in digital advertising.

The company said on Thursday that about 40,000 of the new subscribers came from digital products like the cooking and crossword apps. The gains helped push the company’s total digital-only subscribers to roughly 2.8 million.

The company said total revenue was about $414 million, a 3.8 percent increase from the first quarter of 2017. Subscription revenue increased 7.5 percent to about $260 million, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the company’s total revenue.


Yeah, failing, real fast, and hard.


Here is a lesson for your Donny Deplorable Dummy’s and other Trumpists, don’t believe everything you see or hear … especially from Donald Trump.


It’s amazing you people keep coming up with these empty statements like they’re gospel.

Apparently is just kills some people that the pendulum has seemingly ‘swung the other direction’, and that today not being “white” might have some benefits and advantages or GOD help us privileges.


But that is OK.

I understand the fear it must engender in the hearts and minds of the old school. Just look at the push in so many places to “save” the icons of our slave heritage, when people of color really weren’t considered real people. Losing one’s position and status as the ruling class, even if one was at the bottom of that ruling class, is no doubt psychologically daunting as all get out.

It is OK my fellow white folks. Time will heal that wound, we white folks will find our new niche in society, and heck some of us may even thrive, since we won’t be fighting against the tides of “Jim Crow” laws or “The only good Indian is a dead Indian” type thinking or such models as “Operation Wetback”.


By the way, the Times issued a statement that they had consulted with her about her tweets and she now regrets them. So that should close the door on this chapter, but of course FOXNews and others will run with it forever. Because the only thing that matters with them is making political points.

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Seeking forgiveness and atonement are only devices that work for those seeking Right Wing forgiveness and atonement.

Just look at the myriad of times Jane Fonda has apologized for her Vietnam trip and sought atonement for her lunatic youthful transgressions, yet I still see Right Wing self described Christians who would not likely skip a beat to stone her to death for her deeds back then, if they had the chance.

…And a lesson for the one tune robomorons (dems) is that for at least 50% of the nation the Times of NY failed years ago. The only interaction conservatives have with it is the fawning from rascally propagandized drooling libs. We wouldn’t even know the thing is still in biz save that.

Put that in your gubment funded obamapfoney crackpipe and smoke it.

Oh…and lest we forget, Up With -Cortez!


I do so love the smell of Bengay and sweat tainted Old Spice in the afternoon.

It smells like…crochety!