Canada plans retaliation in trade war

With the coming threat of Auto tariff, Canada has begone to plan possible retaliation targeting American drug companies. Possibly voiding copyright protection allowing generic reproduction of American drug which will cost these companies billions.

Canadian officials are considering how to take aim at the massive U.S. pharmaceutical industry in the event of a full-blown trade war with the United States, according to an Ottawa-based law professor with knowledge of the situation.

The plan would target valuable U.S. patents, granting Canada’s generic pharmaceutical firms the right to copy, sell and potentially export American drugs.

Amir Attaran, a biomedical scientist and University of Ottawa law professor, said the move would stun Wall Street and the White House, while mobilizing the powerful U.S. pharmaceutical lobby behind Canada’s cause.

“Canadian officials are aware of and studying the proposal in case the United States decides to impose a major retaliation on Canada,” he told Yahoo Canada Finance on Tuesday. “I’m positive it’s being considered.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland travelled back to Washington to resume NAFTA negotiations on Wednesday. U.S. officials have demanded a deal by Oct. 1., upping the pressure to resolve long-held sticking points such as the dispute resolution mechanism, cultural protections, and the supply-managed dairy industry.

Well played, Canada. Well played.

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Can’t wait to see the US pharmaceutical companies respond to this :smile:

Go for it! No matter what the Canadians do they will not be the top priority this time around.

What do you mean?

Tell that to the auto companies wine makers and farmers who ship to Canada.

You guys think way too highly of yourselves. Don’t want to make any concessions then fine, A USA/Mexico treaty suits just fine. :+1:

Canada is ramping up trade with Asia and Europe more you know the other places that the US is pissing away trade with.

Canada is a bigger trading partner then Mexico, so I’m not getting your point.

Go for it! :grinning:

Speaking of Canada…they need to take back their angry green mutant crabs.

But again that’s pretty typical of Canadian isn’t it? Being angry and crabby.

It is already happening. All Trump has done is shown the world thr US can not be trusted as a good business partner.

Just like the conservative government here in Ontario ripping up contracts has companies rethinking any long term plans here.

There’s a lot you don’t get. They need us worse than we need them and we shouldn’t give them the better of the deal like last time.

We gave away a lot of jobs last time just for the sake of getting a treaty.

Perot was right about that Giant sucking sound being our jobs leaving.

That’s your liberal opinion.

Canada and China are currently working on a major free trade agreement.

No that is the opinion of business leaders.

Amazon, Microsoft, Google have all major deal with Canada.

Go for it! :rofl:

I doubt it but even if it is I just flat don’t care. Go for it and get over yourselves! :grin:

You think Congress is going to approve of such a treaty?