Canada plans retaliation in trade war


Your running out of Time the New Mexican government is taking office soon.

You think Mexico is going to sign a major trade deal Month or so before the new government take office?

Not even the GOP is on board with a deal excluding Canada

Head in the sand bravado just makes you look silly.

Do you even read the news? There are a lot of nervous Republicans up on the hill that are worried that Trump will forgo a deal with Canada to do a bilateral only deal with Mexico. And they are starting to get vocal that it would not be acceptable and would challenge his actions.

Asking a trumpkin do they think is like asking a paraplegic if they run.

The President elect of Mexico out right refuses to sign an agreement without Canada.

Me? Absolutely not

Oh yeah…Asia is going to be excited about a country with 0.1 times the population of the US.

Good luck getting products from Mexico to Canada without going through the US.

Come and get your angry crabs.

They hated Perot too. It was mostly people on the right that switched their vote from Bush to Perot and gave the corrupt Governor of Arkansas the presidency. Idiots. I was one of them. I learned my lesson, for sure.

Oh look, Conan is blaming someone else for his crabs.

Where have i called for a mexican Canadian only deal?

Oh I know dude. You never say anything. You just spell the words and then deny what they mean.

Not one person in this thread said anything close to what you are insinuating. The only thing anyone said is that a US/ Mexico trade deal without Canada wild never happen.

So you are using the excuse that you are low information posters? I assumed you had a modicum of knowledge in this issue.

Mexican Economic Minister speaking here.

“You have to be ready to live with a NAFTA without the U.S.,” Guajardo said at the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Sao Paulo. "NAFTA at risk of ending? No. NAFTA will continue between Canada and Mexico because at the end of the day, what is important is you send a message that you believe in free trade.

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damn. that’s actually pretty smart from a Canadian perspective.