Canada makes retaliatory tariffs official: 'We will not back down'

What does that even mean?

he can’t. the question is why.

Farmers do not need to export stuff to Canada or anywhere else.

Inherintly evil. Kim Jong and Vlad are distant cousins

They do if they want to keep buying new Corvettes every year

Donald will be announcing shortly that from now on Americans are to refer to it as “Freedom Bacon.”

#MadeAmericaGrotesqueAlready :us:

You are more right than you realize. As much food as we import, eating American grown might become the new thing.

Of course they will back down, they got lots more to lose.

Of course we will still back Trump, even more than ever.

You should figure that out by now, the more the left attacks him, the more we love him. Finally we got someone with spine who’ll go toe to toe.

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I doubt Canada will back down this policy is extremely popular.


It’s like you don’t understand trade. How is that possible?


i think the shrinks call it “political love”.

…cause I make a living at it?:sunglasses:

You’re in the import/export business? That’s not what you’ve said before.

Previously he said he was a car salesman.

I sell domestics and imports. :sunglasses:

If you consider yourself an importer, then you’re contributing to the trade deficit.

I do contribute. There’s no denying that. I hate it…but I do.

Seems to me a trade war would hurt Canada much more than the US, with 1/10th of the population.

Plus according to what I read and hear on social media, Trudeau is very unpopular with a lot of Canadians now and in serious trouble for reelection.

According to libs, Canada now is gonna hurt their own people.