How long can the minority rule




That should do it.


Just like #BringBackOurGirls

No real action involved. Just emotion and feelings.

Our stock piles of Assault rifles of course.

Ask South Africa.

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Maybe they’ll start by taking over government property and demanding snacks/TP.


It has started!!!

Ask them what? You are trying to compare David Hogg to people who fight lions for their food?

You must be joking.

Merely pointing out that a minority can easily maintain rule over a majority that no longer wishes them in power.

Those people had guns and weren’t afraid to touch them.

They didn’t take the country back either.

Libs are not a majority.

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They couldn’t even drive themselves to the local Piggly-Wiggly for supplies. The point, however, is that the right has often glorified the notion of armed insurrection, and at times the extremists have playacted at it.

Well, in their defense one of them was killed by jack booted thugs when they tried to drive to the sheriff’s office.

And in his stupidity made himself a martyr for the next round of wannabe revolutionaries.

His stupidity? Ok, if you say so.

What was his goal? What was his methodology?

Wannabe? They actually took over a government facility. Stood off agents of the state. Got freed from prison.

Castro level stuff.

To get to the sheriff’s office.


Demographics are changing. Whether the youth will actually bother to vote and replace the bitter climbers, who are dying off, remains to be seen. If the do, it could spell trouble for the GOP.

Don’t be coy this early in the morning.

You make him sound heroic.