Canada makes retaliatory tariffs official: 'We will not back down'

i think the shrinks call it “political love”.

…cause I make a living at it?:sunglasses:

You’re in the import/export business? That’s not what you’ve said before.

Previously he said he was a car salesman.

I sell domestics and imports. :sunglasses:

If you consider yourself an importer, then you’re contributing to the trade deficit.

I do contribute. There’s no denying that. I hate it…but I do.

Seems to me a trade war would hurt Canada much more than the US, with 1/10th of the population.

Plus according to what I read and hear on social media, Trudeau is very unpopular with a lot of Canadians now and in serious trouble for reelection.

According to libs, Canada now is gonna hurt their own people.

A big issue is the Canadian tariffs and quotas on dairy imports. Here is description:

Trump’s stated goal is to remove trade barriers; the proposed tariffs are negotiating tactic.

The US has a huge trade deficit, which means other countries have a lot more to lose than the US in any disputes. We’ll see if Canada is ready to continue its protectionist policies.

Maybe Canada shouldn’t have imported steel from countries we do tax, and then export it to the US under the guise of NAFTA. Basically circumventing the tarriffs we had on other countries.

Wanna play crooked games, thenyou do t get to claim the high ground when you are caught.

Eh, no. These tariffs are a direct response to what they believe will be the tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

plus if you add in services instead of just counting goods teh US has a trade surplus with canada

Yes…but what’s next? They’re digging they hole even deeper because…it’s a negative balance between Canada and the US. The more the loss, the greater the percentage of the whole it represents going down. It’s simple math.