Canada - A national Security Threat. Is Trump An idiot or A Moron?

Trump can’t be this dense. Can he?

Yes to all your questions. He is all of the above.

Canada is barely a threat to itself.

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Yes, he is an idiot and a moron and he’s dense.

I’ll add “national embarrassment” to that list.

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Oh seriously, AC, I was going to add the sentence “And an embarrassment”, but I got lazy. Lol.

I love it how libs set their hair on fire.
Sure CNN…Trump invoked the war of 1812 to say Canada is a national security threat. Go with that. Your deranged TDS audience will kick each other in their groins over it just to cause their faces to wrinkle up in pain for the cameras.

Canada, about as significant as Uruguay. Good place for hunting dinosaur bones and not much else.

Who knew 19th century history was so complicated?


What’s telling is that people would take this nothing from a phone conversation and consider it important or that it proves Trump is a moron. They believe it is one more drip drip drip…or something.

Then can you explain why he invoked the War of 1812?

We share a 5,500 border. Of course Canada is a national security threat.

oh absolutely …
we are concerned about an attack.

Lmao , we all know Trump just learnt about the War of 1812 and he was desperate to shoe horn it into a discussion just like little kids do when they learn something new.

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When was the last time Canada attacked another nation?

is this a riddle?

Oh sure. I lose sleep every night worrying that we might be attacked by those evil Canadians.

We’re in another South Park movie.

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Canada is our closest ally but…when we move factories into Canada that in times of war would be revamped to build machines of war, we weaken our national security. Even though they are our closest ally, they still aren’t us…so in regards to that point, it’s true.

Yes, he is a ■■■■■■■ moron.

Yes, Canada is a terrorist state.