Can you hate the sin without hating the sinner?

This is what Christians say about God. I think Christians understand this concept, but in our humanity it often comes across like we don’t. And maybe sometimes we do take God’s prerogative of judgement for ourselves.

Maybe it’s because Christians know the consequences sin brings not only upon the individual, but society as a whole and we are not exempt from consequences, which we don’t like. Our dislike of consequences, especially for things we didn’t do, translates into a judgemental attitude about others. And often, a legitimate claim is made is that Christians are sinners too. So the charge of hypocrisy is often leveled against us.

From a Christian perspective, is it possible for a sinner to preach against sin without hypocrisy or being judgemental? From a non Christian perspective is it possible for a Christian preacher to rebuke you without causing offense and turning you away from Christ?

There’s nothing more hateful than saying someone deserves eternal torture in hell simply for not being a Christian


Ego is the source of sin. We are our own personal accusers.

It’s only hypocritical to preach against a sin that you yourself are guilty of.

Are you asking for advice on how to proselytize?

If Christians sincerely believe that unrepentant sin leads people to Hell, shouldn’t we warn people of the danger just as we would warn of any other imminent danger to someone?

Pride is the cause of contention and sin. If Christians can’t put aside their pride, what chance does humanity have?

This is not what Christians think!

Pride, envy, gluttony, etc., all traits of the Ego.

Humanity has no chance to save itself. It can only prolong its run. The Kingdom is within, not without.

This is an opinions forum. I recognize the limitations a forum has. On the one hand, we can take time to think about a response and say what we want to say, but on the other hand, the personal interaction is missing and that is critical in reaching people whether it’s preaching or any other topic. Why do you come to the RF if you are an unbeliever?

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. These are the three mentioned in scripture. All sin is a product of one of these and everyone without exception is guilty. It comes from within. How can within then be the source and solution to the problem?

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say here.

As an unbeliever, sometimes there are aspects of the conversation that I’m not sure I understand. Which is why I tend to ask a lot of questions.

Because religion has always fascinated me. I come in good faith - I’m not attacking or making fun of anyone.

God is us. We’re just not Him. None of our forefathers ever traveled to a remote, external location to meet with God. It happened within.

I am a fundamentalist. Primarily because I don’t trust anyone to have a lock on the truth. My eternity is too important to me to not know for myself. God hasn’t made any personal appearances in a couple thousand years, so if the writings he inspired and preserved can’t be trusted we’re doomed.

There are truths which Jesus commissioned Christians to impart to the world. In fact, to go and teach all things that he taught was the last command he gave the Apostles before he ascended to heaven. I post here and talk face to face with a lot of people and I find most people have no interest. What do you, as a non believer, find offensive about Christianity, the message or the messenger? Do you make a distinction?

What is the source of your belief?

I find nothing at all offensive about Christianity. I like Christianity. I like most Christians, too.

I just don’t believe.

Since those writings were written by man then yep we’re doomed.


The message that all who don’t believe as you do will be tortured for eternity is offensive.

Penned by men, inspired by God. Stylistically the authors of the various books are very different. God didn’t dictate word for word what he wanted. He inspired the men through time that possessed a truth he wanted preserved, and let them put it in their words. There are many recorded direct quotes, especially those of Jesus, but everything as a whole is one consistent record of God and his interaction with people and his means of redeeming us.

How does Jesus interact with you?