Can we toss out "the Market wants a blue wave" narrative?

I personally never bought that nonsense for a minute and that was evident all night and specifically this morning.

Big time.

I didn’t buy for minute that Goldman Sach’s (or any other) article that was put out about that.


There is no blue wave.

And the Market seems to be very happy about that, wouldn’t you agree?

Are you talking about the market response today?

The market is responding to the general instability surrounding our election and the fact it very likely will be contested.

Where are you getting the idea the markets are reacting to a Biden win?

Besides with the Senate remaining GOP, Biden is not going to be accomplishing much anyway.

PS I just got up- I see the markets are up.

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seems is a strong word. :wink:

That makes no sense.

I am specifically talking about a blue wave, and how the Market was responding through the night and into today. The Market is largely responding to the fact that there’s no blue wave and the high probability that the Republicans will hold on to the Senate.

Way too soon to know that.

Equally possible it’s responding to the increasing likelihood a Democratic President will stand in the way of any damage the GOP tries to inflict.

Market will react positive to the stimulus and negativity to any increased corporate taxes. Market 101. Of course the piling of debt will eventually take its toll.

China is definitely happy as hell right now their currency crashed hard and then rebounded on the recent news Biden will probably will.

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I see with a GOP controlled Senate that we are in for a lot of austerity.

That will prolong the downturn and they will run on Biden’s inability to have a quick economic recovery.

We shouldn’t even be asking if “the market” is “happy” about any particular policy. I don’t care one wit if it is or isn’t.

Among the prevailing theories that actually makes sense today (among the financial talking heads) is that, with a Republican Senate, Biden’s proposal to raise the capital gains tax is DOA.



There is absolutely nothing Biden can do it’s just like you said in a previous post QE forever, Which will be going on behind the scenes forever

There will be QE infinity for the rich people.

But that doesn’t make the economy pick up. That just bouys markets.

Putting money directly into people’s hands who will immediately spend it into the economy will lessen the impact of the for real Depression that we are looking at and make the recovery happen faster.

But the GOP would never do that.

So… we get austerity and worse outcome that they can run on in two years.

The market is no longer attached to the person in the WH- it has a life of its own. Obviously.

No I expect the GOP to act just like the left did for the last four years that everything is some conspiracy from Russia but this time is it will be China

Well… the thing is that a lot of the Russia stuff actually happened.

There were a couple of official reports about it and everything.

The fact that the GOP and the supporters didn’t care didn’t make it any less terrible.

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