Can we all agree that there is no objective criteria of who is/was a good/great president

Clearly that’s the case in modern times. You can find various good and bad perspectives on Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, etc. And I’m sure you can find that on most if not all presidents. It’s not like athletes for example, where’s there is no debate. Does anyone debate whether Michael Jordan was a great basketball player?

Tell me the president who ushered in world peace? Tell me the president who created prosperity for all Americans? Tell me the president who brought us all together? Tell me the president who ended all illnesses and disease? Tell me the president who everyone love admired?

What defines a good/great president is largely subjective criteria much of which I would argue is not in the control of a single human being.


No no no no nope. You don’t get to change history. No no no. Trump is not normal. He is not something that should be accepted and normalized. He is worse than other Presidents. He is bad. Do not normalize Trump and this administration.


Breath into a bag before you hyperventilate dude.

You don’t get to decide what history is.


This thread is not about any one president in particular.

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Try responding to the topic.

Trump has been a very good President.

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There is no right or wrong answer.

It is a matter of subjective interpretation.

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No, no he has not.

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He’ll be known for an upset victory and lying his way through a pandemic.

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I would think that an administration that has given up trying to contain a deadly disease that is killing 1000 Americans a day can be struck down from consideration of being a good president.


Of course it is subjective. You can very easily go from big to small. Was a given President “good” in that he generally governed in accordance with my philosophy?

Then you can drill down from there.

A lot of it is situational.

And understanding changes with time and longer term outcomes.

Much like arguing who the GOAT rapper is, there’s plenty of controversy over who’s the top five but no real problem picking out the worst.

Buchanan. Pierce. Andrew Johnson. Harding. Filmore. Possibly Harrison because he committed suicide to give his inauguration speech.

Trump will fit nicely down there with them.


Presidents who left the country in better shape than they found it are the ones that are considered great.

Harry Truman, maybe my favorite president, will never be considered a great president because the end of his second term was a ■■■■■■■ disaster.

Herbert Hoover, a genuinely inspiring rags to riches story and in his day the man who had personally saved more lives than anyone in history, will never be because of the Depression.

Same for Dubya, if he ever really had a shot, because the Great Recession happened on his watch.

If Trump loses in a few days, if you think history is going to vindicate his handling of COVID, all I can say is LOL.


No, I don’t agree. I don’t agree at all.

Same for bad presidents.

Exactly. Each and every one that I have observed in my adult lifetime were flawed human beings and from my perspective in many ways not very impressive.

Proving @Eagle-Keeper point

Nah , trump has demonstrably, factually, been a bad president and that is without taking into affect how horrible a human being he is.

Completely different from OP point but you do you.

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Again proving the point.

Cool. Cool cool cool.

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Of course he does. He is allegedly a lib and since only libs teach and indoctrinate he literally gets to decide what history is…