Can trump go to jail

okay im sorry this is my first thread

so im new at this and please show me some mercy

but i never thought about politics much

before my friend recommended this forum

after our talk at starbucks

but can trump actually go to jail

if so

what do i tell my kids

theyre going to look me in the eye

especially when they hit the terrible teens

and ask

daddy did you vote for trump

and i did

so what do i say

i dont want to look like a guy

who loved nixon

Trump isn’t going to jail. Many, many people around him are though. But not him personally.

Maybe think through your decisions better in the future. Think about the future you want your kids to inherit. Think about the impact to your fellow man, as opposed to yourself. Just friendly suggestions.

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Trump is not going to prison.

But it’s good to see you being thoughtful about it.


Short answer to your question. Yes Trump can go to jail. Anyone can go to jail.

The holder of the office of the President cannot be sent to jail while in that office. In other words yes “Trump” can go to jail but the “President” cannot. For the office holder of the Presidential office to go to jail, first Congress must impeach (approve Articles of Impeachment through the House of Representatives) and then convicted by the Senate with a vote to remove from office. Once removed, Trump is no longer President and therefore can be jailed.

Not going to happen though. McConnell will shirk his duty like with Garland and just decide - without of vote of the entire Senate - that as Majority Leader he can just not take action.



Many say that Trump will not go to jail. Very important, smart people will say this. If the president is to blame, then it is legal. So everything works, and it’s unfair if it suddenly stop working like that. In fact, I think we should imprison Donald Trump’s political opponents, because it’s illegal to be mean to the president. Other countries are doing the same thing, why not the United States? The Liberal Party has always said that we have to be more like Europe, so we should want to imitate Saudi Arabia to make sense.

BTW - Just a recommendation for continued posting.

This “style” of fragmented incomplete sentences and only a few words per line is very annoying. Try normal sentence structure, punctuation,and paragraphs - it enhances the idea of conversation and not disjointed thoughts.

(No offense intended.)


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my keyboard only has letters and an enter key and nothing else works but i will do my best

thank you for your answers

you really seem to know your business

your answers scared me mightily and then made me feel better

i apologize for not having punctuation keys that work

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Normally I’d agree, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me. It seems to flow organically from the poster’s personality.

At least it’s not Wall of Text.

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i have an old keyboard from my commodore 64

it hooks up to my old pc but all of the keys dont work

New keyboards are pretty cheap, as are new laptops.

I think that ship has sailed.

but the old keyboard has a weird input that only works with my old computer

if i get a new keyboard

ill need a new laptop

im lucky im on the internet

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thank you all for your answers

happy holidays

If you get a cheap laptop, you won’t need to buy a new keyboard. It comes with the laptop.

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I don’t think so. If Trump is impeached, I think the Constitution demands he be tried by the Senate.
He wouldn’t be convicted anyway. Conviction requires 67 Senators. It won’t happen.
Trump can easily be tried and convicted in a court after his term/terms are up.

thanks im going to hop onto craigslist right now

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question mark

i guess ill stay with what im doing

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It’s better than being dead.


Commodore 64 keyboard was the computer. I think you guys are gettin cartooned.