Can taxing the rich truly solve all America's problems?

Whenever talks about the debt and deficits emerge those on the Left never entertain the notion that possibly government spends too much. Such attitudes are not surprising since most of the Left believes that prosperity comes through government, like Obama said, “you didn’t build that!” Many on the Left also believe that universal prosperity can be realized through two primary forces; government programs/spending and of course taxing the rich.

So, can this actually work? Can government take huge portions of the wealth of the most affluent? What potential consequences economically would there be? How actually would that wealth be redistributed? How many people from all over the world can we allow into the US to share into this redistribution?

It wouldn’t solve any problems, but it would create new ones.


”Agriculture, manufactures, commerce, and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise.” ___Thomas Jefferson’s First Annual Message to Congress


When Federal Reserve Notes were made a legal tender in violation of our Constitution, and a direct un-apportioned tax was imposed upon the people without their consent, America’s free enterprise, free market system was subjugated, and the tools of oppression and thievery were made available to some very immoral and nefariously evil people.


It can’t no more, it was possible Simpson/Bowles said to raise taxes and cut spending during the Obama years that was 20 Trillion ago, where now in for one hell of a ride I fear the inflation and rapid migration is just the beginning, I expect the government to do everything wrong during the crisis.

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The US government is like Greece on steroids quintupling down on stupid with rampant insanity and depravity thrown in for bad measure … muttering nonsensically “I’m Uncle Sam who sits on the judgment seat over nations, I didn’t abandon my wife, my sons are not impoverished, I will never mourn.”

Chaos and destruction are good economic opportunities if played correctly. If you know it’s going belly up. you can profit from it.

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Does anyone honestly believe that spending is ever going to face any serious cuts anytime soon? That’s why taxing the rich is always put out by the Left as the magic bullet to solve all our problems.

We can’t cut spending so the deficit will only be 1.9 trillion … austerity never works!

Here’s what I found regarding projected deficits:

The Congressional Budget Office projects deficits will average $1.6 trillion each year over the next decade and grow from there. I

According to the Left the simple solution to such type problems is then to tax the rich by whatever amount is needed, correct?

Some more money and power for the government outta help with any new problems though!

SO here’s the latest plan:

Surely utopia will follow, right?

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For every extra percent they squeeze out of folks they will increase spending by 10% or more.

The problem is spending, not revenue.

The federal is so far beyond mere pump priming that they are basically engaged in economic masturbation for both jollies and power.


The Dems had control of Congress and the WH for two years.
If they truly supported these radical new taxes they could have and would have passed them then.

These proposals are a political ploy, a negotiating position.
I’ve got no problem with that,
but I have serious disagreement with Libs who pretend these proposals are good things. (Few people are that dumb.)

Unfortunately for us, Republicans too often roll over for belly rubs when it comes to “negotiations”.

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Another aspect of lib hypocrisy here is the fact that the Dems get their wealth for themselves, family and friends through their connections with the very rich. Unfortunately many lib voters think that these lib politicians are just common folk struggling to make ends meat, and because of that they really do care about us common folk as well.

Sadly, many parts of America have such a high cost of living that salaries are inflated and people we categorize as “rich” are simply middle class folks living in expensive areas.

$130,000 in household income make you top 20%
$173,000 is top 10%
$343,000 is top 5%
(Link below)

In NYC and evirons, in the DC area, in much of California, (I lived on Long Island for several years) cops and teachers and firefighters make over $110,000 a year and do not meet any realistic definition of “rich.” A cop married to a teacher earns and lives like a married middle class family. But for Biden purposes they are top 10% and thus are the demonic-greedy-evil corporate raider Wolf-of-Wall-Street types.

Moreover several professions, regardless of location pay so well that.

  • Average physician salary in the US is $316,000.

  • Full professors at a typical university average over $250,000.

  • Lawyers average $153,000

  • Base salary for a brand new college graduate with a bachelors in chemical engineering is $68,310. Imagine a newly-married young couple.

  • An experienced computer engineer averages $120,000 and twice that is not uncommon if he is a “real” engineer and not just kid with a Microsoft certificate.

Young professionals make comfortable salaries for sure, but these are not “evil corporate raider” types, just upper middle class folks with spoiled daughters.


The vast majority of wealthy people can’t be captured by income tax, that isn’t how they earn their money.

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The base salary for Retail Store Manager in greater NYC ranges from $72,395 to $111,979 with the average base salary of $87,648. (link below)

If such a person is married to person making $20.64 an hour, like a warehouse worker or retail shift supervisor, (Walmart night shift starts at $18.hour here and I don’t live in an expensive place) that family is in the top 20%.

My point being:
The top 20% are not wall street moguls, and evil corporate dictators
They are middle income families who live on expensive areas and did not get divorced.

  • They are two teachers
  • or a store manager and a warehouse worker,
  • or a plumber and a teacher.

If this seems odd, it seems odd only because of the destruction of the family.

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Your preaching to the choir. In northeast NJ, for a young couple, married two kids, to live a comfortable middleclass lifestyle - single family house nice town - they would need a combined income in the $200,000 range! That’s why I laugh at these libs who claim that flooding our nation with millions of the world’s impoverished citizens will be a good thing because they’re all going to get jobs. The notion that the people working in low wage dead end jobs are going to “pay their way” is utterly laughable.


I wasn’t disagreeing with you, I have made this exact point here for years.