Can taxing the rich truly solve all America's problems?

To answer your last question, yes. There are plenty of dumb voters out there who do believe pretty much anything Dem politicians tell them. There are also plenty Dem members of Congress - AOC, Ilhan Omar, Cory Bush, etc. - who believe this as well. In the minds of many lib politicians and lib voters, Government is the key to prosperity! But I digress. Anyhow I found this today, which I thought fit good in this discussion:

From the link:

Reacting to Biden’s speech in Philadelphia Thursday evening touting the budget, the tax expert further criticized: “Your life savings will be torpedoed by Biden’s tax increases. He likes to talk about spending, and what was scary, I thought, in his talk, he said: You know how the government grows? The government spends money, is what he just said in that little bit. He seems to think if the government spends money, you get rich. He’s never visited Argentina.”

If the Dems ever do get the absolute power they so desperately crave it would absolutely be end of America.

They have had it repeatedly in the past 20 years. And yet here we are sitting in America. Typing too

I’m not disagreeing with the salary numbers posted above, but there is one thing I’d like to point out.

What we consider the “middle class” lifestyle has also changed. Peoples cars, houses, and amenities have all gone way up. A “middle class” house from the 50s is nothing in comparison to today.


If fiat money can just be created out of thin air and “printed” digitally, why do we keep up the facade of taxation? The money masters could just get rid of the income tax and make the money printer go brrrrrrr.


Whatever country they move their money to will certainly seem Utopian.

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When you go look at other countries, specifically on immigration. America (specifically the Left) is the only country that actively seeks to flood its nation with poverty as opposed to wealth.


Because the leftists want to bring down Western Civilization rather than improve the rest of the world.


True, but there are parallels.

What we call “south of the border” in Europe is (and could be called) “south of the Mediterranean.” Europe has an influx of poor Arabs the way the US has an influx of poor Latinos.

You will probably recall
In 2015 there was a war in one small corner of Syria.
Creating a flood of so-called refugees and so-called asylum seekers into Europe
They were all working age males and came from Syria and Egypt and Libya and Tunisia and Morocco, often more than 2,000 miles away from the fighting
and they did not look at all like the legitimate refugee women and children who fled Ukraine a few years later.

Anyway . . . Europe has a parallel situation.


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Yep. This is an attack on Western Civilization.

That’s because they were an army.

And a few years later they rioted in their host country

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True, but many of those so-called liberal countries regret that migration:


As I correctly have pointed out in the past, there is no “humanitarian crisis” at our southern border as erroneously reported on Fox News. It is an outright invasion of the United States, intentionally orchestrated and perpetuated by the leadership of our tyrannical federal government which includes traitorous, judges, legislators, and our current president of the United States.


There is no surer way to weaken, subdue and bring to its knees a prosperous and freedom loving country than by flooding it with deadly drugs, an inflated currency and the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled, and criminal populations of other countries.


Cultural enrichment.

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What would you cut?

Keep in mind to get close to budget balance…real budget balance…you are looking at, without any further tax hikes, cutting approximately $16 trillion over the next decade.

Where would you start and how would you do it?

And how would you manage the dislocation that would happen?

Because everyone would pay equally in that case.

It’s too late.

The kind of cuts needed to bring things back in line would collapse the system.

Not doing anything will collapse the system.

Increasing spending will collapse the system.

Basically our economy is boned. It’s just a question of how long it will take for everyone to realize it. The longer it takes everyone else to figure it out, the better prepared me and my friends will be to weather the collapse.


Small government conservatives win in the end, it’s just going to be in the most painful way possible.

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if America’s problems could be solved monetarily maybe- but America has far too many problems for that alone…

Pretty much.