Can sane people like a President but dislike his policies?

Or the other way around of disliking a President but like his policies?

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It’s the rationale by which many here justify their support of Donald (policy over personality). I’m willing to accept that justification, to a certain extent.

It’s when they attempt to defend the man himself that I call bull ■■■■■ He’s a ■■■■■■ excuse for a man and a human being, and any attempt to persuade otherwise is laughable.


It can be done. Jimmy Carter is the salt of the earth as a man. His Presidency didn’t work out, partly due to his own ineptitude and party due to crap from Eisenhower/LBJ/Nixon catching up to him.

I opposed most of Carter’s program, but think highly of him as a person.

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Carter no one has a single bad thing to say about the man.

Dude is like 90 + and still does crazy amount of charity work building houses for those in need.

I agree! Carter is a perfect example. Didn’t care for his policies but the man is close to sainthood socially! I believe Obama’s a good person but again don’t agree with some of his political ideology. IMHO, his poll numbers will only go up over time. Bill Clinton would be a blast to hangout with on the golf course. Reagan, a great man in my opinion with great policies as well as both Bush’s. Trump has done both decent and boneheaded actions but the guy is a man child and compulsive liar! Two modern era presidents I believe go down as greats over time will be Reagan and Obama! I know, call me a lib. Lol

Yes, people can and they do all the time. The reason you don’t hear from them, is because they don’t tend to get online and tell the world all about their solutions to everything. :smiley:

Yes, on both counts.

It’s like watching a movie, you can love a movie, but have a personal dislike of the actor or director.

It’s different with a president, because their policies and actions can affect you, your family and your entire community. So if you benefit from lower taxes, a rising 401K, and the economy is doing well, then your petty, personal like, or dislike for the president is insignificant.

Except…you can defend an offensive, disagreeable person from accusations that have not been proven. I wouldn’t defend Trump from those who say he has a cruder style than most past Presidents and shows little concern for lying when it suits him…but I would defend him from those who claim that he is selling out the country to Putin.
If a person fails in one thing it down’t mean he has done another.

I like dubya, didn’t like many of his policies but seems like a good authentic dude. I will say the same about Obama.
I like Bush Sr.
I like Carter a lot because of all the community service he does. Reagan…well have to admit I don’t like him mostly because of my mom’s disdain of him. LOL!
I don’t like Clinton, to me he is a very shady dude, plus he was dead to me after the crime and immigration bills.

The current person in office is unlikable due to him being a narcissistic, self absorbed, bigoted, sexist, and a liar with no self-control.

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Great example.

I despise Trump as a person (he’s not a man by my definition).

I agree with some of the policies.

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60/40? 30/70?


I’m not smart enough to tell the future. That’s why I had to join the Army.

Of course it can but only if you aren’t a blind partisan.

Jimmy Carter is as fine a man as ever held the office but he was a horrible president.

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My thoughts exactly. I can’t stand him at all on a personal level but for the most part find myself supporting most of his policies.

Article relevant to this thread:

Romney: Romney acknowledged that Trump’s policies had “been by and large a good deal better than I might have expected,” but added that “some of the things he has said are not ones that I would aspire for my grandkids to adopt."

Whatever you think of Romney, I think he passes for a sane man.

I don’t know Carter, but I know a couple of people who do know him and have done business with him
Let’s say, they disagree with you about Carter as a man.

I’d be careful about “liking” any public figure unless you actually know him. In my experience you’ll always get fooled going between the TV image and the real person.

You got that right…how many people thought Bill Cosby was such a wonderful man? He’s a ■■■■■■■ lech.