Can Mass Shootings Be Stopped?

What do you mean?

No they don’t we either have or tried every bit of that.

The advertising of guns and ammunition is also banned.

From your poorly written article.

….and only 2% of the children born in Japan were out of wedlock. They have a substantially less divorce rate than the US too, although it has risen in the last couple of decades. Divorce slowed though when the unemployment rate fell. There’s a definite correlation between the two.

Here’s the stat about, you know, shootings, that you always purposely leave out.

Guns per 100 people…

US = 101
Japan = .06

I guess it’s important to talk about divorce and news and video games instead of guns that people, you know, you don’t actually have to, you know, shoot.

Now compare the US today vs 70 years ago and tell me about guns being the main factor.

Gun-Owning Households On The Decline

While U.S. gun production and background checks have climbed, the share of households with guns has fallen off substantially.

Try again and listen more closely to what I suggested. It’s definitely closer to the whole truth.

How many guns do you think I can shoot at a time?

I thought magazine capacity was important.

What does stay at home moms look like?

That question is best answered by their children.

LOL, I mean the numbers.

Or the mailman.

The more violence is reported in the news, the more madmen will realize just how easy it is. All that reporting does nothing but show the unstable just what an insurmountable force they can become.

It wouldn’t be reported if nobody was interested in watching it. The ancedotal difference in how I’ve seen audiences in react to child rape stories (Gross. Turn that off) vs how they react to violent stories (Wow. Turn that up) leads me to believe that the public, myself included, is pretty entertained by mass murder rather than properly disgusted.

If I had to start anywhere, it would be a boycotting campaign against all the advertisers on every network that runs live or delayed coverage of mass murder. Which is pretty much impossible.

Only if you discount the Virginia Tech shooting, which was the deadliest school shooting since Columbine, and was done with handguns IIRC.

I didn’t limit my criteria to school shootsings. The Las Vegas shooting was far worse than the VT shooting and would have been impossible to do that much damage with handguns.

Since you are so enamored with turning all of America into a gun free zone, I would instead like to offer you the perfect gun free zone so you can move there.

No, it’s not outside of America, it’s right in your back yard. Only the cops have guns in this zone.

It’s called ‘Prison’ and you can opt to move into one near you at any time.

Care to move?


When you’re babbling about saving kids lives while at school, I think limiting yourself to school shootings is aptly appropriate.

Well, we get some really weird posts these days. Add ^ that one to the list.

Btw, probably around 4 weeks until the next mass shooting (not counting the 26 firearm homicides each day).

Why wouldn’t prison be the perfect gun free zone?

And why are you so reluctant to move into one, since you’re so scared of firearms jumping up and shooting you?

well, the first sentence is still weird. kinda stupid really.

the second part is a lie.