Can a male be born with a female brain/can a female be born with a male brain?

Notice how last week libs still knew that there were only two Sexes and stuck to perverting Gender?

Now look at them, as soon as a new buzzword came out. :rofl:


Bingo! Pointing out the obvious is bound to raise the ire of our rad left friends.


The argument that some present is that neuroscience can show that ostensibly some people who claim to be transgender that their brain functioning resembles that of their desired gender:

From “As Good as it Gets”

Secretary - “How do you write women so well?”

Author (Jack Nicholson) - "I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”

YouTube clip … sorry, it would not generate a preview.,vid:0JfR_edlEfM,st:0


That’s a good strategy on their part, planting the “cause” of all this in the most poorly understood object in the universe (the human brain).

In other words, when there’s no actual proof, just make ■■■■ up. :wink:

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Of course! That’s why they need even more artificial doses. Gotta keep up the reserves, dontchaknow.


Here has been my take on this whole LGBTQ+…it’s ALL either genetic or environment.

If genetics…then I don’t ever want to hurt, only help if I can and if so, how can I be of service?

Environment…is the ONLY explanation for the dramatic increase in cases over the last two decades supports that it is over 99% environment and that…I have a problem with. Perverts are perverting and confusing our children.

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basically brains are the same until hormones hit.

6% of the population have strictly male or female brains.

the other 94% have a mixture of the two.

this was an extensive brain study conducted in Israel in 2015.


Neuroscience, brain chemistry, etc., is not my area so I can’t confirm or deny what evidence there may be, nonetheless this dramatic increase in people claiming to be this “new” category should raise alarm bells and codifying it is not the answer, especially when it comes to mutilating a child’s body. They want to make the argument that these people feel that they were born in the wrong body, well I got news for you, unless one’s body is PERFECT, everyone will feel there’s something wrong with their body! And there’s no amount of surgery that can make anyone born biologically male into a female or vice-versa.

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You do know this…genetics takes millenniums where as environment is immediate. There is no question that this insanity, being portrayed as a potential genetic outcome that the perverts are now promoting is beyond insane or cruel…it’s evil.

To answer the question.


A man cannot be born with a woman’s brain.

Man or woman is decided by the chromosomes.

XX = Female
XY= Male

That it. Period.

Anything that claims otherwise is a lie.


Not a scientist.

But I will say that the whole thing sounds dumb and requires some wild assertions to work as intended.

If this is true, why is it that whenever these trans people get access to women’s spaces, they suddenly turn into exhibitionists?

What they are arguing that although someone who say is born in a male body has a brain that functions as that of a female:

Brain activity and structure in transgender adolescents more closely resembles the typical activation patterns of their desired gender, according to new research. The findings suggest that differences in brain function may occur early in development and that brain imaging may be a useful tool for earlier identification of transgenderism in young people.

So yes their body is that of a male but their brain is that of a female.

But then there’s this counter argument:

Rippon has analysed the data on sex differences in the brain. She admits that she, like many others, initially sought out these differences. But she couldn’t find any beyond the negligible, and other research was also starting to question the very existence of such differences. For example, once any differences in brain size were accounted for, “well-known” sex differences in key structures disappeared. Which is when the penny dropped: perhaps it was time to abandon the age-old search for the differences between brains from men and brains from women. Are there any significant differences based on sex alone? The answer, she says, is no. To suggest otherwise is “neurofoolishness”.


I’m going to say not born with, but males can be conditioned to think like females.

My evidence is some of the posts on this forum by people claiming to be men.

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Are you talking about sexual attraction?

Humans are animals born with clean slates. They can be manipulated into many things.


Are people born with brains? I am beginning to think brains are out of style.

having a brain doesn’t mean you can think

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so environment plays a part, if parents treat a male like a female they are more likely to be trans?

we are talking about here right?

the traditional male role and the traditional female role in western society
does not play a part in gender dysphoria in my opinion.