Can a male be born with a female brain/can a female be born with a male brain?

This is not an area I know much about and I have found some mixed information on this. Nonetheless, this is one the arguments that is used to validate the notion that someone is trans. I’m curious on what some of your thoughts are.

I would assume it’s the same as any other type of mental retardation, and much, much more rare when subtracting all of those using it for attention or special privileges.


Not if you’re a feminist, someone can correct me if I’m wrong but to a feminist there is no difference between the female and male brain.

Many factors determines gender. Hormones, physical attributes etc…
Most humans are born either male or female. There is a small percentage, that are intersex, with both genitalia, in varying degrees. We can physically see that. If nature can have some humans have physical varieties,it seems logical that this can also affect hormones, which could be an explanation of trans people.

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No evidence whatsoever that people are “born trans”.

There is no “gay gene” either, in spite of the better part of a century spent in search of it.

This whole “born that way” bull ■■■■ comes from the confused victims and the rapists/hopefuls that want these confused children to remain as lifeless sex objects.


Abnormalities. Of course there are anomalies and deformities and irregularities in nature.

Maybe, because we’ve stopped using plastic bags, it would explain the tremendous surge in sexual abnormalities.

Serious question for those that think sexuality is a choice. When did you decide? Were you thinking at some point “Y’know, I could go either way with this”?

And we all know that none of this leftist argument has anything to do with these exceedingly rare genetic deformities. It only goes straight to little kids with normal genetics.

Just because something exist in someone’s consciousness does not mean it exists in the physical world. The physical world trumps that which exists only in the mind. All of the arguments in the world will not change that physical reality. And those born intersex are actual observable in the physical world, rather than just existing in the mind.


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Ah, the old ignoring the effects of confusion identifying moments of curiosity etc with fact. Who can argue with emotions? So they don’t always. Especially as the perverse culture coddles them.

But emotions are not facts and culture isn’t truth.

These people don’t have a gender issue, they have a reality issue.

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There are varying degrees of physical intersex. If nature can have a physical anomaly, is it not feasible it can have an anomaly in the various hormones that also have an effect on gender identity? The organs that produce hormones, are physical in nature.

This is the part where ignorant libs just make some What-If ■■■■ up, and then hold that up as a valid explanation for something that doesn’t even exist.

You know, because science. :rofl:


1.7 % of people in USA are born intersex. That is 5 million plus people. Referencing my post regarding hormones and other aspects that may affect gender identity, if .5% of people were affected, that would be 1.6 million people.

For those of you with a basic education, Tranny does NOT equal Intersex.

The 5 million number is completely made up lies from lib click baits being parroted by ignorant (D)upes. :wink:


Naturally occurring observable and measurable physical characteristics are the determining factor. Your argument is that the mental process of a person claiming to be transsexual is the result of a physical defect (abnormal hormone production) in their body, rendering that person suffering the physical defect, to be unable to mentally acknowledge their physical reality. The very first question that comes to mind is what well documented studies show abnormal hormone production/levels within the so called transexual population. And if these individuals possessed such abnormal hormone levels, which should drive their physical development, why do they need hormone based puberty blockers? Why do they need surgery, as these hormones should have been driving their physical development since conception.


Hormones? You think trannys are full of estrogen naturally?


Science is hard when it doesn’t match someone’s nasty ass fantasies. :rofl:


Somebody should find a cure.

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