Campaigner in chief? Obama v Trump

And they ALWAYS mistake it for “complaining”. Its like if Trump raised taxes and Trumpists praised it, and then dems laughing at them for praising it, then trumpists calling them “complainers”. Like…no bruh. We are laughing at your hypocrisy

Nobody knew being president was going to be so hard.

Of course, the real difference is Donald is so high energy and patriotic and psychically connected to true patriots that he needs to be among them to inspire and encourage, in order to further the great work of MAGA. As for the golfing, all true patriots know that unlike the Kenyan, Donald works while golfing. He works in his sleep. He never stops working for true patriots. :us:

See? THAT’S how you bull ■■■■ for your lord and master, Trumpistan.

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What’s weak about it? I was spot on.

People want some job or position, and criticize the current person in that roll, and when they find themselves in the person’e shoes, they find out they are doing some of the things they were critical of their predecessor for.

In your dreams.You assume I don’t think presidents should publicly promote their policies, or campaign in public to raise money for and promote their political party, or other candidates.

This is just another whiny little rant by people who don’t like Trump.

"Candidate Trump complained about President Obama campaigning too much while in office, and look, Trump is campaigning too much, HYPOCRACY!!! " Boo-freaking-hoo.

I’d buy your weak justification if Donald had the integrity to come out publicly and say “Damn, I really gave Obama a hard time for the campaigning and the golfing when he was president. I really had no idea what the job entailed. I see now that I was wrong.”

If Trumpists and Fox news pundits likewise came out and issued a similar retraction and apology for their criticisms of Obama on this topic it might go a long way towards developing into something other than the weak justification it is. Just don’t hold your breath for either one to make that move.

See? That’s the way it’s done. Completely avoids the issue, mocks the people making the criticism. Still weak, but at least it’s consistent with the principles of Trumpism.

Ignore, deflect, ridicule, boast!

You again miss the point

Naw, check your hypocrisy at the door. This is a reminder that Fox, CEC, and our Corpulent-in-Chief anger spittled over Obama’s campaigning all the time. Yet the silence from worshippers when Trump does it is loud, real loud. So, the ones who whiny ranted are the silent ones.

Trump complaining about Obama campaigning a lot was a single part of the entire OP-I also mentioned Fox/Hannity, Breitbart, and the RNC complaining about Obama campaining too much. Like I said before, it appears you didn’t actually read the OP, but skimmed it and tried to single out one thing to complain about, forsaking the rest of the post and the commentary made on it.

it’s like Trump voters voted for Obama. except one who golfs more. campaigns more. lies way more. cheats on his wives. has his kids deal with his mistresses. makes money off the taxpayer. doesn’t denounce the KKK. and embraces nationalism.


I’ve said this for some time now, but Trump really does embody a lot of the complaints that the right-wing levied at Obama for years.

There would at least be SOME integrity in saying “yeah, it was unfair to act that way toward Obama and we held him to standards we really don’t care about” because when the economy was improving over time, Obama himself was all they had to complain about, so they decided to create all these nonsense narratives showing how lazy, and morally corrupt, and selfish, and power hungry he was. And it’s all backfired now that they’ve hired Trump, and suddenly it’s all explained away with “well, I wish he’d stop acting like this, but that’s not why I voted for him,” forgiving him for the very same things they attacked Obama for. It’s super unprincipled.

And the Obama sheep did the same with Obama when he criticized Bush for his 4 trillion in deficit spending.

Only partisan political hacks think presidents don’t campaign promote policies and agendas or to raise money for their Party.

This entire thread is just a petulant whiny rant by Trump-haters, nothing more.

stamp feet “Hypocrites!” stamp feet :hot_face:

Democrats criticized Bush because Bush was exalted as a “conservative” and sure as heck didn’t act like one and Bush was criticized because he took a surplus that was created and wiped that out rather quickly.

It really brings things into focus when you see the Trumpets justifying the very things that they kept criticizing Obama over.

Only that Trump is literally a lying, cheating, piece of scum which makes the whole thing just sad.

This entire thread is “why isn’t Trump being held to the same standard to which he and his sympathetic media held Obama.”

If you can find ME approving of Obama’s debt/deficit spending while having criticized Bush for doing it, then your points will have merit. Democrat hypocrisy from 10 years ago doesn’t absolve Trump and Fox’s and Breitbart’s and the RNC’s hypocrisy today.

I’ll never understand that attitude. “Well, they were hypocritical to Republicans 10 years ago, so it’s totes cool for Republicans to be hypocrites now.” All this justification is amazing.

I don’t think it’s fair to ask the right wing media to have integrity on these kinds of things. It’s not their job to have integrity. It’s their job to get republicans elected.

I already told you. Trump made those comments before he knew what it was like to stand in Obama’s shoes. Trump now he sees how he is doing some of those things he was critical of Obama for doing.

It’s the same old thing we see over and over again, it’s easy being an armchair quarterback.

AGAIN, you ignore:

Refuses to lock her up. Says he would meet with Kim Jung un. Doubles the deficit.