Campaigner in chief? Obama v Trump

During Obama’s presidency, he was referred to as ________-in-chief, with the blank being filled in by a number of useless terms intended as insults.

One was that he was accused of being a “campaigner in chief.”

Here’s a Fox News story detailing our gracious host’s use of the term:


The RNC:

And even by our current president before he became president:

Now today, Fox News has declared Trump to be the new Campaigner-in-chief. This is a screenshot of the current Fox News headline story:


Here’s the story:

The funny part is looking back and seeing Breitbart upset that an NPR staffer/reporter talked about Trump STILL campaigning after he won-which he really has been doing with this incessant rallies and fundraising for 2020 since he took office in 2017. And now we have Trump campaigning for midterms, and his 2020 reelection bid, like crazy.

I guess it’s just sort of ironic to look back and see how being the campaigner in chief NOW isn’t considered an insult or derogatory.

The Fox News story on Trump also included a super ironic quote from Tom Perez parroting exactly what we heard from the GOP in 2012:

“This is the most important election of our lifetime…”


Donald’s never let a little thing like hypocrisy stand in the way of the adulation he receives from the barking seals at his rallies, or relaxing on the back nine of his resort at taxpayer expense. I’ve no doubt he doesn’t even comprehend the contradiction.


0bama did campaign for himself or his fellow Democrats to raise money, or to promote one of his agendas. It worked for Obama, and Trump seems to think it also works for him.

So what is your complaint? Are you still that upset because you feel Obama was unfairly ridiculed?

It’s interesting to note that Trump has taken on several characteristics for which he criticized Obama. Constant campaigning, golfing, vacations - it’s like Obama all over again in those regards.

It seems you didn’t actually read my OP. My commentary on this matter is quite clear.

Where are the weekly threads about Obama campaigning? Your fellow Republicans used to do that ALL the time on the old board.

Now they are quiet. In fact, one of your fellow Republicans is SO excited that Trump campaigns all the time, they started thread after thread about watching his campaigning in real time. Weird how obsessed some are.

The complaint is that D0nald whined about it incessantly, just like he whined about a lot of things when Obama was in office yet now indulges in himself. And the right follows behind him like obedient lapdogs, with nary a single voice of dissent.

“Hey, isn’t that what we used to criticize Obama for?” That would be refreshing to hear, but not something we can hope for from either side in the age of partisan blinders.


I honestly think Trump mimicked what Fox News and the CEC spittle-raged on. It garnered support for him. It made him talked about in the eyes of the angry Republicans who despised Obama.

Trump also knows that whatever he is doing that Obama did is good in the eyes of Fox News and the CEC. Fox News, the CEC, and Trump’s worshippers fawn over Trump. Its what Trump needs, people to fawn over him to keep his ego nice and full.


It’s not very clear actually, you are all over the place.

What would be refreshing is a thread started by a Republican that said “Campaigner-In-Chief is wasting our tax payers money! Why can’t he stay in DC and govern?” But, they love Trump. And Trump can do no wrong.

There’s not much coming out of Trumpistan that helps anyone argue against you.

When Trump made those comments, it was 2016, he was not president at the time. A lot of people are armchair quarterbacks, and do not realize why a person does what they do, until they themselves are in that other person’ same position.

Just as Obama was critical of Bush’s deficit spending, until he found himself in the oval office, greatly exceeding Bush’s deficit spending.

So what is the point here? That people, who have never sat in the president’s chair, and complained about what prior president’s did… only to replicate some one the actions they were critical about, once they become president?

How can any person know exactly what they will do as president, until the are in those shoes? They can’t, so this thread is an exercise in futility.

No I’m not.

This OP is not hard to follow, but apparently I’m going to have to type a summary:

-Obama was called “campaigner in chief” and a lot of other “in chief” names as an insult, or to speak negatively about him.

-Fox/Hannity, Breitbart, the RNC, and Trump himself all referred to Obama in this manner.

-Now, Fox runs a headline story, in a non-derogatory/insulting way, about how Trump is now the campaigner in chief to try to salvage close midterm races, and Trump himself, who complained that Obama was stupid and spent too much time campaigning.

I literally summarized the point of the OP IN THE OP ITSELF when I said:

I couldn’t have been more clear.

You are still rambling.

Did BlackWolf adequately summarize the point you have been trying, but failing to make?

There’s no rambling. It appears you’re not interested in discussing this topic, so consider no longer posting. You’re not adding anything of value to this post other than arguing for the sake of arguing.

There is a clear double standard here. A D campaigning while president is not allowed and is worthy of criticism, but a R campaigning while president is totally fine and not a problem. I’ve made that quite clear both in the OP and in response to you. Feel free to disagree with evidence of your own, but if you’re not interested in having that discussion, then there’s no other reason for a person to participate in this thread.

This has to be the weakest justification for D0nald’s hypocrisy on this issue that has ever seen the light of day.

“He wasn’t president at the time! How could he know he’d end up doing the very things he was so fiercely critical about when someone else held the office?! You can’t expect us to hold him to some arbitrary standard he promoted for years before he took office!”



So what excuse does Fox News and the CEC have?

That super-lame excuse doesn’t address the point of the thread anyway: that GOP voters are lavishing praise on Trump for doing exactly what they criticized Obama for.


Your hypocrisy is being called out. That’s the point.


I’d have more respect if they simply responded with “eat your peas, libs.” It’s hypocritical and childish, but at least it’s consistent with Trumpism.