California's dying dream

Here’s a report by Environmental Progresson on all the problems Cal is having after decades of democrat control…

1.California’s high cost of living is a major factor behind the state
having the country’s highest rate of poverty and inequality.

  1. …extending subsidies for low-income housing. But
    not only are the subsidies and mandates inadequate to meet
    demand, they also serve to make housing more expensive for the

  2. California’s income taxes are high but so is it’s sales tax, which is regressive

  3. Well-financed NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) activists and a small
    minority of labor unions defend exclusionary laws that prevent
    homebuilding, in both cities and suburbs.

  4. And well-connected energy companies win large state contracts which contribute to rising electricity rates and air pollution.

  5. Gov. Brown deploys apocalyptic rhetoric regarding climate change as his administration shuts down the state’s largest single source of low-carbon energy.

Sadly, while this study has outlined the truth about Cal’s dem run poverty machine, his solutions are mostly silly… BUt the beginning of solving any problem is acknowledging the problem exists…

Not even top 10; no reason to read the rest.


Doubling or tripling the rate of homebuilding will require more housing in cities as well as in suburbs. Building many new homes in cities near transit lines, as recently proposed by California YIMBY, is an excellent first step. It is sponsoring legislation to “upzone” neighborhoods near mass transit, which would make it easier to to expedite housing, and overcome NIMBY opposition.

Do you consider this solution to be silly?

Mama’s and the Papa’s?

What is it with Trump supporters spreading FAKE NEWS? I thought that was supposed to be verboten or something.

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He is likely referencing some adjustment with cost of living. But the extremes in California, and being the most populous states makes measures like inequality redundant.

Anyway making this a Democrat thing when red states fill the ranks of the most impoverished states is what makes this fall flat;

If you’re so concerned about state’s poverty rates, shouldn’t this thread be about one of the 16 other red states that have higher poverty rates than CA?

(List at bottom of page)

being poor in California is like being a multi-millionaire in Ohio.

Ridiculous. As if cost of living isn’t a thing.

How many other states have a budget surplus. :wink:

Well we don’t have one, but I am not seeing a lot of human feces on the street either so…

Calif. is a good state to be homeless in. What else can be said.

Oh and California doesn’t either, unless you ignore the 1.5 trillion in unfunded liability for pensions they have.

Iv been to LA never saw any ■■■■ on the ground.

Don’t you read the paper?

LA is a massive city, I’m sure it has a poor area

Poor area? I don’t think you grasp the problem.

NYC has poor areas and they are trying like hell to gentrify them.

Every where has poor areas.

It is the nature of life

At least California still able to afford to build their dream sports stadiums.