California Proposition 16

California’s Proposition was on the ballot this month. It would have ended a ban on affirmative action in place since 1996, impacting hiring, contracting and admissions policies at California’s public universities, community colleges and agencies.

Intended to address the systemic racism oh so obvious in those institutions. It was voted down by 14 points. Interesting, but not the most interesting. Who voted it down? That’s the most interesting things.

Remember Proposition 8?

Of course there are ways around the will of the people.

Rejected by 56% percent of California voters. Looks like they hate racism more than they hated gay marriage (Prop 8 was approved by 52%).

Makes one wonder if the California exodus currently underway is mostly conservative voters or lib voters.

Latinos and Asians voted it down.

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Minorities wanting a merit-based system? Say it ain’t so! lol


Where did you find the breakdown?

So what exactly is california current affirmative action program?

Is anything like Harvard’s systematic discrimination against Asians?


…throughout California with a hotspot in SanFran. :sunglasses:

Well there isn’t one. It’s been banned since 1996. The prop was to lift the ban.

No, data is showing a decline in black, Latino, and Native American students in the UC state system… compared to their high school graduation rate. Asians have actually increased there representation since 1996.

University of Michigan Law School admissions.

If the affirmative action ban had been voted down, then the courts and administration would have naturally respected the will of the people.
Since it was not voted down, it will be necessary to enforce the greater good.


I find it interesting that while voters rejected Trump, at the same time they rejected libism.

All sorts of lib clap-trap being rejected lately. Maybe they need to burn down more businesses so people can see things their way. :man_shrugging:


Seems like minorities are tired of their crap?

At least 25% (and increasing) of them. :wink:

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If the GOP was smart…

They saw what criminal justice reform did for their numbers.

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Maybe pride is involved?

This is more grassroots than anything (and it’s not even a “movement”), so the elite have a lot of catching up to do with the sheer amount of white fathers out there winning bread for their mixed children. The culture is evolving.

Great point. Mixed children are the future… and possibly the end of racism.

Latino’s now represent the largest ethnic group in CA, and Asians are more than double than the number of Blacks in CA. I guess Latino’s and Asians don’t want Blacks to get preferential treatment over them? If that is indeed the case can we all consider them racists as well?