California... Has the most Poor of any state in the nation


I’ve never been to California but I would gladly place a 100 buck bet that your roads are NOWHERE near as bad as ours are.

Mississippi is infamous for the quality (Ha!) of its roads and bridges.

Hell when I was living in Jackson we had a lady actually flip her Miata in a pothole. Well pothole isn’t the right word. It was a damn meteor crater.

There was a bridge I crossed everyday for a while in my hometown that had a 0% structual integrity rating.


It was BS, I can count the number of potholes I have encountered in major roads on one hand across 1 million miles plus driven in the state.


Yes, we have been told that we have the Electoral College to give smaller less population States a voice. But several less population States such as Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Vermont did not go with the 2016 popular vote loser.


isn’t it also the richest or second richest state?


There is no way they account for this… they aren’t deity’s. They were normal human beings


If I’m not mistaken it has the highest GDP. I think Texas or New York are second/third.


Cali has the 5th largest economy in the world.


The poor can’t afford it.


It also has the highest disparity of incomes.


Gosh, ignorant and arrogant… All social things have happened in the past… Populations size is irreverent.

Our founding is based on the goals of the enlightenment which was spurred by Newton’s rationalism.


He dared question the sacred scrolls!


Amazing you people falling for his(OP) troll trap…again.


Yes… large gaps between rich and poor.


Today, OP learned that California is big.


Here in texas We just build tolls around pot holes and send the money to Spain.


And yet you are a supporter of the policies that cause this? Brown and most Cali political people are right-wing GOP-wannabes wearing the mask of a Democrat. Because just like you Trump supporters Clinton supporters are idiots and vote for people who go against the average person and only work for the donors.


And he is also whining about the corrupt dem in cali who pass laws hurting the middle class and enriching the rich. The exact thing that he loves when Trump does it cause he thinks rich are going to create jobs out of the good will they have.


And the poorest state in the nation… Reps have no power there. Can you name any place where the left does not bring poverty>?


Most jobs are created by small business… Which by the way have 3 months of record startups


Total misrepresentation, it is not the “poorest state in the nation”, you are looking at one single measure, by dozens of others (income, GDP, etc…) it is one of the strongest.

But even just with poverty, it is far from the worst by many measures; no one is surprised that homeless flock to the sunshine state with a climate that facilitates it, and no ■■■■ a state like North Dakota has very few.

Get out of here with your propaganda. Go make a thread about Venezuela or something.