California... Has the most Poor of any state in the nation


Cal… You have to pay to stay, and I warn the young ones, it’s hard to get back in, so think hard about leaving.


If you had a way to harvest those, you’d have a free food source.


No way, those 10 inch centipedes are evil.


I have been lucky enough to get over the hurdle and own a home, I feel terrible for those attempting now.


It’s ridiculous how few electoral votes California has given it’s enormous population.

The electoral college is disproportionate, punishing the states the majority of Americans prefer to live in.

The electoral college arrangement is the last vestige in our constitution of slavery. The electoral college was created to benefit slave states.


Congrats… Me too. Got lucky and bought in 2014.


Because they wanted farmers running the county, not city people…and the less populous states should not be controlled by large population state.

One of the things people should appreciate about our amazing founding.


Looks like the electoral college was made to even the odds for smaller populace states. It would seem that removing the electoral college would give bigger states a right to bully in the political agenda


Lower sales tax to 5%… It’s regressive and 7.25%…More around here…


what’s with this concern trolling ■■■■■■■■?


still better than any of the crap hole red states…


Cal makes the poor, poorer with high costs imposed by govt… Like car registration.


plus they hate cops.


…unless you go to public school… Cal’s darn near last. I guess that’s why we to import educated people


Good point…


full of mexicans


Founders new Cali would exist, with 40mil people, in 1776?

It’s silly to think that the founders accounted for that scenario


How dare you question the sacred scrolls!


Let’s just call California a liberal social experiment. I mean…this is what libs want for the nation? Didn’t Governor Brown declare California a sanctuary state? The new prospective lib governor is running on free health care for illegal aliens…paid for by the tax payers. Seriously…I don’t get it.


Most are not near as educated about the history of govt as our founders were. The size of a population matters little in democratic politics… as the Greeks prove.