California... Has the most Poor of any state in the nation


Because of the cost of living. As I’ve said before Cox can run on pure kitchen table issues. Lower sales taxes, the cost of a fishing license, the cost of car registration, the cost of electricity, lower tuition, expand the highways all these things make the poor poorer in Cal…

Dems= bullet train…

Should have been here when Reps ran the state…


Change smog checks to every 3 years, and not for 5 years on a new cars…

…Dems want you on the bus. While we have a plague of state vehicles…


That’s a bunch of BS, it’s all about housing and you know it.


California is so great that people want to live here even when they cannot afford housing? Wow.

All you have to do is move to Arizona and the cost of a house drops by more than half.


Making the state more builder friendly, like not requiring solar panels on new homes. And all the low income stuff that just keeps prices high by causing less building. Keep the property taxes low.


In the worst effected areas, and where there are jobs, there is no more room to build…

We already have ridiculous commuting for 90% of residents.


Get creative… They can’t because dems social engineering laws have them boxed in…


yes, on crappy roads the dems won’t expand because they hate cars… It’s amazing what dems will put up with. Taxed to the max for bad roads and schools, homelessness and poverty…


So build up everywhere? No thanks.


Stop spreading ■■■■■■■■, homes border every freeway that has major traffic; so now you want to take people’s homes away to build wider roads?

And the condition of the roads are excellent, just not enough to meet demand


You’d rather have the poverty, then… Although there is tons of open space in Cal.


“Open space”, take your BLM land and ■■■■ off, population growth cant be infinite.


Perhaps trying to import as many people as possible is not that great an idea, if dems think there no way to increase infrastructure and know what we have is already impacted…


I agree, growth needs to be checked.


There is scrub and all over with nothing on it… Brown rolling hills with cows or less. Not far south from San Jose.


If jobs were there it would be built already.


If I was homeless I would prefer to be homeless in California or back in Arizona where I was homeless for a while. I was working at the time and living out of my pickup. Poor? Not certain what state I would want to be in then?

If I could afford it I would go back to California in a heartbeat.


I would go for Hawaii, minus the giant bugs just camp on the beach and you are golden.


That used to be a plank of the left until they figured out the immigrant vote would help them.


More ■■■■■■■■, both sides to whip out GDP numbers like its some ■■■■ waving contest and that is driven by population growth. The current immigration debate has other roots I disagree with, but If I had a magic wand that would stop general population growth I would use it.