California DEMOCRAT Congressman Accused of Drugging and Groping 16 Year old Girl

This is set to go to trial in August

I guess if if keith ellison can getting away with allegedly verbally abusing, beating and dragging a woman, and rise to AG of the state of Minnesota, then this guy is probably safe.

dimocrats, winning the war on women, roman polanski style.


Cool. Sounds like a perfect Republican candidate for Supreme Court or senator from Alabama.


Don’t expect to hear much about it in the media. They love and protect dimocrat sexual predators.

You got something concrete on kavanaugh?? Or roy moore for that matter?? Last I heard the yearbook was altered after moore signed it. And no one ever believed swetnick, deborah ramirez said she couldn’t even remember if it was kavanaugh and christine crazey horde changed her story about a dozen times.

And you forgot New Jersey.

So you have something concrete on Cardenas then? I thought it was just allegations all the way around.

No nothing yet. But the others were national news, with some people even storming congressional offices, and clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court.

This one I stumbled onto by accident, and it hasn’t been on any networks that I’ve seen.

The media loves dimocrat sexual predators.

I think it makes a lot more sense that those stories got coverage because it was a Supreme Court pick and a United States Senate special election, not some rando congressman from California in a civil lawsuit.

But if that makes too much sense, let me know and we can change it back to your thing.

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Another reason is that the Democrats asked for this to be formally investigated back in May and Cardenas agreed. There was no kicking and screaming by the party or accused. No public temper tantrum or smear campaigns against the accusers.


That sure is interesting.

That sure takes some wind out of the OP’s sails.

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Just to give a source to my previous post. There are plenty of other sources if you don’t like this one.

Dated 5/5/2018 – over 8 months ago…

Why are you just getting to this now when Dems were calling for this to be looked into back in May:

I’ll guess what ever winger radio you listen just brought it up, making it sounding like hot news like they always do.

BURN on you.

In my best Chris Farley from Tommy Boy impression, “Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark!”

And now it’s headed to a trial. Just read the OP, and try to keep up.

We know. From 2 days ago:

This thread was amazing. Great catch, OP.

Nice of the thread visitors to get the OP all caught up. That was very kind. He should thank them.

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Old news, like everything on winger radio.

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Just show @ohknows35 the results of the House Ethics Committee investigation into this and put this OP to bed. Pelosi was on the House Ethics Committee for a long time; she knows what is right. This is old news.