California congressman admits he’s taken photo with dead enemy

And the dumb keeps getting more dumb. So this guy admits to snapping a pic with a dead soldier AND he wants a person who was convicted of war crimes pardoned. I guess the party of morals and law & order has been flushed down the toilet


I think most people would take a selfie with a dead enemy soldier when given the chance.


The one good thing about Trump is he’s pulled the mask off the GOP.

They were never about morals or law and order or any semblance of principles.



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Go to jail or go to the army = infantrymen

I never served so I’ll post that out right away.

Does anyone think the marines fighting in the Pacific didn’t do things like this or worse?

Combat messes with your mind, I’m sorry a picture with a dead enemy is not something we should encourage, but what should the punishment be really?

War is hell.

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So now this Republican had PTSD when he took the pic…lololol yeah ok

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And combat is a bitch.

How are you supposed to brag about your kill count on Facebook if you can’t take selfies with the bodies as proof? This isn’t so much as a war crime as it’s a crime against origninal Facebook content by shaming Duncan Hunter into not releasing his pictures for the world to see.


I am not going to rip on the Marines especially on Memorial Day. For anyone on here that served this country thank you all for your service, and regardless of beliefs, God bless you.

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Even putting the 2 fingers behind the dead soldiers head to symbolize bunny ears.


Cutting off ears as souvenirs was a big one during Vietnam and WWII.

Historically, soldiers have been known to even cut off the man-parts of their dead enemies.

Post THAT on Facebook!

isn’t the first thing they teach you to follow the rules?

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do you know what they did to marines fighting in the Pacific who murdered civilians and POWs? they hung them.

140 military personal were executed for war crimes during WWII.

so Republican are not only selling weapon to war criminals but also defending war criminals as heroes.

I dont think anyone is trying to defend killing civilians.

Im just saying breaking down a person to kill another, then actually going through that process is traumatic. It does not surprise me to read things like this.

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That’s a lie.

I was in Special Forces. What rules? :wink:

Mostly in which theater?

Keep in mind…Hunter is under indictment for stealing campaign money for personal use…and he STILL got reelected last November. I live in a sad district.