California congressman admits he’s taken photo with dead enemy

Those silly ROK Army dudes and their psyops.

OK, so you send your son to a foreign war and he is captured and while the medic is treating him another soldier from a foreign army comes over and stabs him to death and then takes a picture with the dead body of your son.

As a parent what do you do?

As long as they are killing muslims or communists rules of war be damned. There are reasons for rules of warfare. I dont understand how another country will let us station our troops there when soldiers are unaccountable for their actions? Do we want us soldiers tortured and murdered during warfare? How come anyone else should follow the rules. War is hell right anything goes?

War shouldn’t be used as a means to an end unless people are aware and OK with the fact that twice as many civilians are going to die than enemy combatants.

As far as taking a picture of eKIA, it’s a right of passage for the ones who do the actual fighting. One would have to be a complete clown to not realize this.

Or just have a basic sense of morality.

Whatever you say there, Sarn’t Subjective. :vulcan_salute: lol

You’re right. Nothing immoral about reveling in and glorifying murder

Ever seen any war movie ever? lol

Do the movies show those who engage in these acts being destined for eternal damnation?

Why would they? That’s just a stupid guess about the future on anyone’s part. lol

True but if I’m right that God is real then those who revel in committing such atrocities will never get the chance to meet him

Sounds like the old bearded dude mythos. Most people personify and therefore short-sell the Lord in very petty ways all the time. It’s one of many reasons the old church is bleeding membership to death.

Not talking about torture or killing civilians.

I’m not trying to say it’s a good thing. I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of the guy that has been shot at, the guy that has had to kill. That messes with a person, I would think.

Just more prof dems don’t like the military… War is hell.

I don’t have a lot of faith in the voters in your district. I believe some of them think they are still voting for Duncan Hunter Sr.

Your morality is not theirs. You don’t get to tell them how to do your killing.

They’ve done a fantastic job of showing their insecurity.

Having pity towards those who think posing with a dead body is something to be proud of and not something they should regret for the rest of their lives is being insecure? Okay