CALIFORNIA CHAOS: State Imposes LIMIT on Daily Water Use Starting in 2022 | Sean Hannity

The State of California introduced new legislation in recent weeks that aims to limit a household’s daily use of water; capping the daily level at 55 gallons per person and penalizing local water districts who don’t enforce the new regulations.

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Punishing the people for poor water planning.

At least this give Reps a great issue. Don’t let Californian’s stink…

What should be the GOP plan?

Not to limit people to 50 gallons of water. Work on getting more water stored.

From where?

You want me to make a whole water plan for cal? What’s your sides solution, keep up massive immigration into the state for votes and limit people to 25 gallons in the future?

never heard of a water shortage?

California water supply mostly comes for rain water.
no rain no water.

Desalination maybe but idk what that would cost.

Actually, it’s snow in the mountains…

still not a really dependable method.

Now that’s an application that wind or solar could be used for as what time during the day the energy is produced matters little…

If the dems wanted water they should have proposed, and Trump should propose, a canal from Washington state to Cal as a federal project.

Just like the lumpy roads. Taxed to the max for very little in return. Like 45th in reading and math to boot.

Where is the water coming from in Washington? they don’t have enough water to support CA.

Well… you said that the GOP could use this as an issue to rally around.

I was wondering what their plan might be. Given the vague get more water plan… it doesn’t seem to be through through to much.

The reduction of water seems to be a good way to solve the problem. If one were to click through to the article, one would find that the plan is concerned mostly with efficiency.

Coming out of a seven year drought… get more water is hardly a plan.

We know dems won’t be looking for any water. You need rationing to control people.

Making water usage more efficient is a perfectly reasonable response.

Simply saying… well… get more water is not a plan.

Dealinization plants. How much water could they provide to all residents with a few plants producing a couple hundred thousand gallons a day of water? Then pipe it to where it’s needed. Look at how far the already pipe water, and look at other plans to do so.