Cal still making everyone poorer with expensive home mandate..Solar!

So, Cal has a housing shortage and a homeless crisis. Under such circumstances should the govt work to make homes more or less expensive? Obviously, they should be making homes less expensive. This can be accomplished by waving regulations and such.

Yet, Cal just put on a mandate to force all new homes to have solar panels. Whether you want them or not. This drives up the cost of homes,and will cause less building. So, higher home prices, higher rents, and more homeless.

That, and if you keep up with the science you know that solar panels are not green! They are everything the lefts says they hate about manufacturing. Strip mining, toxic waste, made in China by slave labor, and will they never recoup the energy it takes to makes them.

PG&E will be forced to buy the energy whether they can use it or want it, so up go the energy bills… Making everyone poorer…


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Market forces must not be sufficient.

Reminds me of the light bulb mandate. Everyone MUST use compact fluorescent bulbs and then industry one upped the horrible CFL’s with LED versions that are even better.

No need to force solar panels unless you like the homeless sleeping in earthquake safe tents.


That’s hilarious, thanks…

How are the homeless going to attach solar panels to their new tents…?

So you don’t understand that a tent is not a house. Got it.

No, It was a joke. Obviously.

But, nice way to avoid the real issue. Cal making homes more expensive in the midst of a homeless crisis… That’s just stupid…

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I’m sure the homeless are worried about being forced to put solar panels on the new homes they are building :rofl:

If you worry about the homeless, stop voting for democrats…

You don’t think they could put solar panels on these…

The Modesto Outdoor Emergency Shelter near the Ninth street bridge in Modesto, Calif. is pictured in March of this year. JOAN BARNETT LEE JLEE@MODBEE.COM

This is what cal is building instead of real homes…very sad!

I want to make Cal golden again… We had a great state back before the dems ran it into the ground. Good schools, nice roads, lots of manufacturing… Now it’s the poverty capital of the US and LA is returning to the dark ages. We may even have blackouts due to PG&E harassment by the dems…

There is no truth in that statement. PG&E is going bankrupt because they couldn’t adequately maintain their power lines which resulted in the most destructive fire in California history

Yes… Going bankrupt. From all the mandates from govt. The govt of Cal basically runs PG&E by mandate, and lawsuits. Funny how socialism always ends up with power blackouts…

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No going bankrupt because their incompetence started the largest fire in CA history and they couldn’t cover their liabilities

San Francisco-based PG&E sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January in the aftermath of devastating wildfires in Northern California in 2017 and 2018 that left the company anticipating $30 billion in liabilities blamed on its equipment.

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I blame owls. lol

Those fires were caused by poor forest management, and not fighting them… It’s not safe you know, so let it burn. The dems don’t care. Fires are just more progganda for global warming and the reason you have to be poorer…

It’s not democratic harrassment, pg & e has a record of not maintaining their equipment gas and electric.

No they were not. Not even PG&E is saying that

Because they dems have stolen all their profits with mandates to buy wind and solar…

Where are we going to get power with dems killing PG&E and closing diablo?

Their profits were stolen? That makes absolutely no sense.

Please explain