CA bans gas vehicles

I haven’t seen a thread on this… please merge if I missed it.

My questions… are gas stations going away in CA? I guess nobody in CA will be able to take cross country trips in segments more than a few hundred miles at a time.

What about the existing vehicles?

Tough ■■■■■ buy expensive electric ones you careless mother ■■■■■■■■

And this article infuriates me the most.

This guy doesn’t give a damn about anyone else… but he is against something when it affects him and his family personally.

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liberals love to act like kings


No, there will still be gas stations. All new cars sold in CA starting in 2035 will need to be electric, but there will still be millions of gas cars on the road for many years to come after that.

Even the most cursory review of this would reveal this is a ban on the sale of new cars.

Gas stations and existing vehicles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

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I guess CA just doesn’t want people driving into their state.


if ev’s are so great why does authoritarian leftist govt have to force people into them?


And what happens in the future? Young people with limited income rely on used cars for transportation. What happens when the average used car needs a replacement battery that costs $25,000 or more?


How do you come to that conclusion. You won’t be able to buy a new gas car in 2035 but you will still be able to drive existing ones. Gas stations will still be around.

From the article… and I actually agree with this part.

All of this is now endangered. California officials insist that only new gas-powered cars are being targeted. But no one buys that.

Except liberals apparently.

Hope no one needs a truck in CA… banned!

When will they ban selling used gas vehicles?

You know that’s coming at some point.


The same thing that happens with any transition from one technology to another. It will be an evolutionary process, it is not going to happen overnight.

Yep… ■■■■ everyone in the process!


This isn’t evolution, it’s forced compliance at the point of an economical gun.


Its quite possible that EV’s will have advanced enough by 2035 that most people will prefer them. If that happens, then California will jump in front of the parade and congratulate themselves for having done it.
If it doesn’t happen, they will likely just modify their decree.
Its a progressive thing. It all has to come from the government ruling it to happen. Its called authoritarianism, as well.


The automakers are moving to all electric. GM says that they will sell only electric vehicles by 2035. The change is going to happen whether we like it or not.

I know. I’m still pissed I can no longer buy a black and white TV

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And I still can’t buy an EV that I can take on a 600 mile trip in one day.

But you don’t give a damn about that and people like me.


What a stupid analogy.


I remember when the government ordered that there would be no more black and white TVs and you had to buy a color one.
Oh, wait. No I don’t.
That’s not what caused the switch.


That’s nothin’. Tried to buy a buggy whip lately?

That’s 12 years away. And they aren’t banning gas powered cars.