Bye bye Kari Lake

She could do it in a Twitter space with Elmo.

Such Corruption in NM

“The courtroom exhibits may not have swayed the jurists, but those signature mismatches showed plenty of evidence that Kari Lake’s election was stolen by a lack of signature verification — and more.”

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Anyone that paid attention to the trial would know this is a lie.

Neither Lakes team nor their signature expert presented a single signature mismatch or attempted to get any signature mismatches entered into evidence.



There are a bunch of Trump Supporters here that still believe the big lie. And they all say that there is vast amounts of evidence. But discount the fact that no credible evidence has been offered in a court.
IMHO this will not change. Nothing now or in the future will convince them that the election was not rigged and stolen. And some of them will still maintain that any day now we will all see the truth.


Judge Thompson decides not to sanction the attorneys or to award fees in the Karen Lake case. So his part is done.


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This appears to be the definition of verification thst Democrsts apply to “signatute veriifcation”.

Collins Dictionary

If you verify something, you state or confirm that it is true.

The government has not verified any of those reports. [VERB noun]
I can verify that it takes about thirty seconds. [VERB that]
Synonyms: confirm, prove, substantiate, support

Such a definition does not require any process to actually prove signatures match. It simply requires the verifier to state, honestly or dishonestly, that they match



Here you go.

Glad to help.


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More evidence!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nope. What you have is a article by a known conspiracy theory author placed in a known conspiracy theory partisan media outlet. So I will wait to see if this gets picked up by any other media outlet. Then I shall wait and see if it is offered as evidence in a court of law. And then I shall wait and see what the verdict is.


They aren’t the dolts who pushed the Russian collusion lie and the Hunter laptop lie.


Yup, you are correct. They are not.