But CRT doesn't exist.....But somehow it should influence medical treatment?

American Medical Association pushes pro-critical race theory materials in ‘Health Equity’ guide.

So now “equity” needs to be applied to health care, with all the mandatory Marxist vocabulary and policies.

American Medical Association pushes pro-critical race theory materials in ‘Health Equity’ guide


The Doctors are in on this too!!!

How deep does this go?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

They should learn to be less white, or go get a coding job.


It isn’t the doctors, the infiltration is targeted at once respected policy organizations with the goal of subverting their function to Marxist indoctrination and advocacy.


You mean document guides medical professionals to not call Asians “yellow” or Black people “N word”… not to discriminate based on skin color?

Well I definitely want to discriminate now because the woke left is telling me not to via CRT. :rofl:

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They have a list of “do use” words and "dont use words. By rewording the English language CRT proponents intend to control the narrative. I noticed that “high risk” and “vulnerable” are on the don’t use list, but “underserved” is on the do use list.
The times I have seen the nonsense word “underserved” used in the past year tells me how far this ideology is spreading.
When Biden took over, Dallas started giving preference for Covid shots to “underserved” people. Apparently they were “underserved” even though the shots had been available to anyone for free.

Eventually using a phrase in a context like that means the word takes on a new meaning of its own, just as juvenile delinquent was to sound better than punk, but eventually meant the same thing.


Look at how black women are (not) treated by the medical industry. Lots of doctors could use some learning about race and bias.

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What is wrong Commissar? Calling out a Marxist speech code and shinning a light on subversive activities before the armed struggle becomes feasible not part of the plan?


Apply this same line of thinking… but travel back to when you were a kid…

How many labels have changed since then? Did you have a problem with those changes? Why or why not?

Well, our local schools are forming teams of the various “underserved” groups to improve the environment for them. My question, are they saying that their teachers are discriminating against those “underserved” people? If so, just tell them to stop doing that.

Oh no. I’m laughing.

It’s Marxist to be inclusionary, non-discriminatory. What a time to be alive! :rofl:

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The vocabulary used is the “signature” (in military terms) that shows what the organization is all about. Now this Marxist crowd is trying to use the profiles of groups to hide their signature from the public.


CRT seems to be unique in that their biggest defense is “CRT? None of that here…you define it”.

If these movements were actually about equal opportunity and improving access for all it would be fine. But diversity, inclusion and equity, in the context of CRT (which obviously is being advocated outside the colleges) is about justifying discrimination, manufacturing outrage and sowing division for the purpose of achieving Marxism.

But squirm on, we are aware of you now.


Step one, deny until you no longer can.


It is like air.

I don’t think you guys are using the word “marxism” correctly.


Yes we are. CRT is the current program being used to sow the conflict among the population necessary to ignite Marx’s violent revolution in a society.


I agree. Neo-Marxism. Hegelian. Much more accurate. Marxism is just shorthand.