But CRT doesn't exist.....But somehow it should influence medical treatment?

An attempt to establish a new proletariat with revolutionary potential. The old one didn’t revolt.

Not really new though, Marcuse identified “ghettos” in the late 60s.

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Oh… it’s being used to sow conflict alright.

Rufo Tweet


As we discussed in the other thread, the conflict wasn’t won, just a campaign. And the seeds for this were already planted, and have been growing unrecognized the whole time.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a framework that examined historical racism in order to use those examples to frame what we should create today in order to be less discriminatory and more inclusive.

For example wouldn’t it be awesome if this framework examined the use of racism in the medical field in order to provide a guide for current medical professionals to be less discriminatory. Oh and this framework should also consider other forms of discrimination and how they cross with race… things like sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic background etc.

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Hey… That’s Marxism!!! You can’t do any of that!!!

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Rufo isn’t accurate. Every crazy idea isn’t CRT.

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Rufo is the only reason you are talking about CRT

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“Framework”. I love that.


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All of the ideas of CRT (CT) aren’t “crazy”.

:popcorn: When did you publish his first tweet or whatever on it?

Seems like the only one reading him is…you.

CRT is not being taught in medical schools. Correct.

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Then how did the AMA get it?

Now you pull out the misrepresentations of CRT, with a helping of intersectionality, to try and put a pretty bow on it.

CRT isn’t about examining history. It is a construct meant to mislead the public into a predetermined justification for redistribution and to incite division and violence in the population.


Paranoia and Protest.

So a second commissar joins the fray. Is this the overcoming objections script handed out? If so it needs work.

I haven’t seen this much low quality misdirection since watching Soviet domestic news reports in my Russian language course. One tries to pretty up an M&B defense and the other tries to turn the discussion on a tangent.


I just skimmed the Guide and you guys are right… it is the most Marxist thing that Marx himself could have ever Marxed.

But in reality it is 26 pages of explanations as to why some terms may be outmoded and why one may want to choose to use different phrasing.

Then there is a glossary.

Why is it so easy to get you guys riled up?

Script one doesn’t work so move on to script two? Hint, if you are trying to justify a speech code you have already lost.


If you really believe that race is a social construct, the logical ideology would be to move away from race and towards individualism. CRT does the exact opposite.


Nah… I just read… well skimmed it… it isn’t that interesting a read.

It isn’t a “speech code” of any sort but an argument in pamphlet form as to how those who want to approach the idea of ending health inequalities can have a common vocabulary.

Really… it isn’t that big of a deal.