Businesses- to outsource or not outsource?

Can someone please explain this to me?

I understand businesses, due to increasing taxes, are moving their production to China, Mexico, India, Taiwan, etc.

But I also understand that ships aren’t being allowed access to ports in the Pacific. Thus, they can’t get their products.

No product = no revenue

I would have figured that this issue would have backfired on the DNC and caused businesses to move production back into the U.S, because at least then they have something to sell and make a profit.

But they are still manufacturing on foreign land. Why?

I imagine small business owners are in a very, very bad place with what’s going on. Not just due to production, but inability to advertise on social media due to the political climate, etc

Second post to get thread stats.

Who’s not allowing them access? I thought the issue was a increase in demand so more ships are trying to get in, but there’s also a labor shortage because of covid which is slowing things down. Plus other world wide supply chain issues unrelated to the US.

edit: New year brings new all-time high for shipping’s epic traffic jam

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I’m serious here.

Whoever is pulling the puppet strings of prog authorities and officials WANTS the economy to fail. Once failed completely, the collapse will be blamed on capitalism, government will provide for people (at first), and full up Marxism will be installed.

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Do you have a realistic explanation that doesn’t involve a conspiracy theory?

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Do you understand what a conspiracy even is?

It doesn’t involve aliens from outer space.

And actually… if it is the chief Prog ordering his minions to do or not do something… it wouldn’t even be a conspiracy.

You all thought Trump was in a conspiracy with Putin. So maybe just sit this one out. I was explaining to @flameheart my assessment. You don’t speak English anyhow so I don’t know what you mean.

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Yes, its when a group of people (in your example “whoever is pulling the puppet strings of prog authorities and officials”) conspire to do something (in your example trying to collapse the economy so that “Marxism will be installed”).

It doesn’t involve aliens from outer space.

If I thought conspiracies involved aliens from outer space, why would I call your reply, which mentioned neither aliens nor outerspace, a conspiracy theory? That makes no sense.

If the reason to do so is to cause capitalism to collapse so ti can be replaced with socialism, then yea, it would be.

Its amusing how often the whole Russia/Trump thing gets brought up by you guys (c) considering how often y’all (c) make comments about how the left can’t help but bring up Trump in every thread.

There’s also the fact that one side believing a few conspiracy theories someone validates the giant pile of conspiracy theories the other side has, is absurd.

You don’t speak English anyhow so I don’t know what you mean.

I apologize if the adults in the room are confusing you with large words.

What’s wrong with the explanation that the issue is a combination of large increase in demand over the last few months coupled by ports being crippled because of worker shortages that you feel you need to instead assume its some Machiavellian plan to bring about Marxism? I think you way underestimate the number of people on the left who like capitalism.

You expect a coherent explanation from someone who clearly doesn’t understand what Marxism is? Good luck with that.

I have not seen a single “prog” suggest the government take ownership of anything or eliminate private ownership. Both would have to take place before Marxism would be a thing here.

As it stands we have the opposite where mega corporations effectively own the government. Which is worse? Honestly?


Taxes aren’t the only reason manufacturing moved over seas. There is worker pay, safety regulations, and environmental regulations. Plus other things I’m not thinking of that would make manufacturing cheaper.

Why pay an American $10 an hour, when you can pay a Chinese factory worker $2 an hour?

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Isn’t unemployment at record lows?

What does labor shortage mean on your planet?

When the government controls all aspects of a business, they EFFECTIVELY own it for all intents and purposes regardless what some government incorporation documents may say. And then of course, the gubberment people will say they are acting on behalf of “the people”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Sorry buddy… but the Marxists figured out how to fool you people into thinking “it’s the opposite”. It would be hilarious if the belief were not so ubiquitous among proggies.

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They always think that we have secret goals of wanting to push for Marxism like the USSR or Venezuela.

Please. Weren’t you one of the ones recently whining about censorship on Facebook? Do continue to tell us how the government owns all aspects of business in the US though. Hilarious.

Not you© …but the puppet masters who write the narratives that you recite.

Sure, but that’s not remotely the situation in the US.

Lobbyists write legislation these days, but he thinks the government is in charge of businesses.

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At least we’ve clarified the puppet masters aren’t aliens. :wink:

They’re lizard people.

We’re living in Soviet Russia because we have laws against dumping toxic waste into our rivers؟