Businesses- to outsource or not outsource?

When government controls everything does that mean I can get a “free” iPhone? :crossed_fingers:

I didn’t say we’re there yet. I said that your puppet masters were trying to make that happen… to make the economy fail so that they could demand full-up Marxism.

Good lord man… don’t go down the stream-of-consciousness rabbit hole.

“Make Mammals Great Again”

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Why do you think we’re even trying to get there? Who are the puppet masters?

Good point, wouldn’t want to accidentally post something absurd and unrealistic.

You won’t need a phone. Everyone you need to talk to will be accessible at your commissar’s office every Tuesday for your loyalty pep talks.

I’m holding out for my free gubmint replicator and personal transporter. Oh and the new iButler. Because of course the next step will be when the new robot overlords take over once AI determines independent thought is a threat to its continued existence. Or something.

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Generally puppet masters are not seen in a puppet show… only the puppets… like Sniffin’Joe …The Sound of Music notwithstanding.

They are being allowed. There is just a traffic jam. Demand has increased like crazy, leading to more and more ships carrying product.

Except companies have broken records due to profits last year. The delay in shipping has not hurt revenue in the slightest.

Bringing back manufacturing would take years. Due to the chip shortage, some companies have decided to start manufacturing chips in the US. But those plants won’t be finished for 6-8 years.

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Capitalism is why…

The main goal is to maximize profits for shareholders. That’s it.

Companies will do anything to meet those requirements. They will put up a rainbow on their logo… develop software for Germany in the 1930s… they will utilize sweatshops.

Also… since Americans are hyper consumers… we really like stuff. But we also don’t like paying high prices for stuff.


If you can’t see them, how do you know they’re there? Can you see strings? What do you see when you follow the strings to the top?

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I need to wring a few more years out of my PS4.



Do you deny that the goal is to maximize profits?

Simplistic thinking.

Maximize profits over what period of time? Today? This year? Next 5 years … 10 years?

Sustainable growth is a goal that must be balanced against other competing goals.

And besides the goals of the capitalists, there are other equally powerful factors… government regulations, labor demands, etc.

Do you deny that the profit making forces of capitalism are tempered and balanced by these other forces I mention?

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Sustainable growth doesn’t exist. If it did, there wouldn’t be market caps. The sustainable growth lie is why labor keeps getting squeezed while prices continue to go up. It’s also why there are massive layoffs while companies are reporting record profits over multiple quarters. Meanwhile, we’re told raising wages will drive inflation. Bunch of scammers manipulating stock prices to be higher than they should be is what it really boils down to, and suckers who continue to prop it up by buying into their bs instead of flat out boycotting them like they should. But hey, as long as they get theirs, ■■■■ everyone else, am I right?

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Well hot dog!

It doesn’t matter the time frame. The goal stands on its own. Investor want max profit at all times.

Legally obviously…

Growth that seeks to maximize profits.

Amatuer. I’m still holding out with my PS2/3 and XBOX360. Ok ok, I did get a switch for christmas. Don’t tell anyone.

Enjoy them while you can. Once the Marxists take over we’ll all be playing Tetris on Dendys؟


FLASH. HEADLINES. Man can be selfish!

Yeah… but you don’t need to just look at the stock market. The looters I see from store security cameras could teach the day traders a thing or two about getting theirs and ■■■■■■■ everyone else.