Burned and Decapitated Animal Left on Homeland Security Staffer's Porch

It’s the left’s new normal.

Would you believe it if MSN said it?


Same Left who left death threats for the owner of the Red Hen?

No there are just ■■■■■■■■ and losers on both sides who support this type of thing.

So no mentioning? Mmkay

I wouldnt condone this, but i understand the need to stand up to wannabe despots.

Uhh, what was that supposed to be. It was just the Fox News headline again.


Fake News.

:)) :))

That’s a good one.

Is it your contention that the acceleration of incivility in our society these past few years is an entirely leftist phenomenon, or are you just having fun here?

What Obama administration officials had unions closing around their homes, shouting at them during movies, getting kicked out of restaurants, and shouted at while eating?

Please, I’ll wait.

So you think it’s only the left. Fascinating.

So you think the left is clean. Fascinating.

Sweet googly moogly.

Quote where I said that.

I’ll wait.

That seemed to be your inference.

They are desperate. Whataboutism is the last refuge of a moral coward.


GW Hughes said this:

Which certainly inferred it was only the left engaging in incivility. I responded in such a way as to get a clarification from him

You took it from there.


“Red Hen communications director Alysa Turner is losing count of the threats, tirades, and misspelled insults. But she guesses the popular DC restaurant has received well over 1,000 emails targeting the other Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, which kicked out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders over the weekend.”

“Red Hen’s sister restaurant, All-Purpose, is receiving backlash. “Mostly just phone calls of ‘Hey, we’re going to burn your restaurant down,’” says chef/owner Mike Friedman.”

Yes 1000 idiots targeted the wrong Red Hen, many leaving death threats. And yes there are idiots on both sides.

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I’m amused in that special way one can only get amused say, like when watching an enormous tire fire consume a city, whenever Trumpists clutch their pearls and express outrage as people act like boorish imbeciles. This is exactly the kind of ■■■■ you gleefully signed on for, even if you didn’t realize at the time that more than just Donald and his merry band of dolts would be the ones doing it.


So agree. These people cheer on every crass, vile, uncivil, disrespectful, derogatory comment Donnie Dumpster breathes. But cry like babies at counter punching. Give me a break.

And the liberals that raise a stink every time Trump opens his mouth, then refuses to say a dam thing when their own side exhibits the same behavior.

Gimme a ■■■■■■■ break.

What has President Trump done that justifies a staff member being threatened like this?