Burned and Decapitated Animal Left on Homeland Security Staffer's Porch


Appropriate protest?
Exercising free speach rights?
Or criminal act of threatening?

Prob fake…

Typical liberal reaction.

Care to clarify

Deplorable if true.

Typical reaction of most people invested in their partisanship. Trumpists here have made frequent and enthusiastic use of the false flag defense when their side misbehaves.



Antifas anifa-ing. This is normal expected and encouraged behavior from the left.

And sometime there are false flags. In any case, as has often been demonstrated by the different cases that have occurred, you never know until you have evidence…and often you never get that evidence.

In any case, one person doing this isn’t much different than one person berating a Latino worker.

Never have I declared anything by trump or supporters to be fake. Frankly I’d believe pretty much anything st this point.

I was being sarcastic, if it is as reported this is wrong.

You are easily scammed


10 char.

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It’s an ugly atmosphere out there at present. Partisanship over principle.

called the Media and not the police?

Seems staged.

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Was it a squirrel? If so, it was probably Lyin’ Mikey Cluckabee who did it.

Where is antifa mentioned in the article?

Ugly dumb and awful. Send the bosonwho did this to jail.

Oh, Fox News says “reportedly”. Fake News.